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Top 10 genius car hacks

This video on 10 genius car hacks for travelling with small kids is going to revolutionise your next road trip with the littles ones. Boom your welcome! Take your family

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6 Tips to clean leather car seats

In this epic article, we take a look at the top 6 tips to clean leather car seats! Car leather upholstery adds value to the vehicle. It makes your car

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2021 BMW M5 gets revised looks

2021 BMW M5 gets revised looks and is more imposing than ever! The facelifted BMW M5 is one of the most impressive super sedans currently on sale, and this new gallery in

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The importance of good car maintenance

In the tough economic times, we are living in today, the importance of good car maintenance is more relevant now than ever. Whether it is a company or personal car,

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We have it all

We have it all is a statement we pride ourselves on saying! When it comes to your automotive parts repair needs and DIY tool requirements, we pride ourselves in knowing

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Brembo braking components

In this video, we look at Brembo braking components and what sets them as one of the leading manufacturers of superior braking components! We stock the full range of Brembo

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DIY Auto Mechanic Fail

Every time we watch this DIY auto mechanic fail we feel his pain, and then I laugh until it hurts! If you had to caption this video and the driver

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Maintenance free Exide batteries

Our maintenance-free Exide batteries are giving drivers the power to stay recharged and ahead!  Exide is a leading range of locally manufactured batteries in South Africa. Offering unsurpassed reliability and

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Shield Air conditioner Disinfecting Fogger

In this video we take a look at the incredible bacteria and virus killing power of the Shield Air conditioner Disinfecting Fogger. NOW available on our shelves! The all NEW

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Know your rights at a roadblock

With the holiday season upon us, so the police presence on the roads will increase. Know your rights if and when you are stopped either in a roadblock or by

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