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Midas Man Cave

World’s first all-female racing team

Just in time for women’s month, we have everything you need to know about the world’s first all-female racing team, GITI angels. We want to thank Women on Wheels for

Service Parts

Ryobi Cordless Impact Wrench

In this quick demonstrative video, we look at the impressive Ryobi Cordless Impact Wrench XIW-3100. With Father’s Day just around the corner, finding that perfect gift could not be easier!

Randburg Midas Cares

The safety of our customers

The safety of our customers and staff has always been one of our highest priorities! To make sure you remain protected while visiting our store we have implemented the following:

Randburg Midas Cares

Avoid spreading infections

Hand hygiene, either with soap and water or with alcohol-based handrub, is one of the best ways to avoid spreading infections to others and getting sick. Hand hygiene is an

Randburg Midas Cares

Our achievements

Without you, our milestones and achievements would mean nothing! They say a company is only as good as it’s staff and customers. If that is the case we are so

Randburg Midas Cares

Important Covid-19 Information

Please take note of this Important Covid-19 Information! Our customers are our family! We will ensure to do everything we can to help you and your loved ones during the

Midas Man Cave

Car safety features to look out for

With new innovation in the automotive industry, there has been great headway made in the overall safety of vehicles. So let’s see what the key safety features to look out

Road Tripping

Upcoming Motorsports Calendar

Being the petrolheads that we are, we had to put together this upcoming motorsports calendar for you Regrettably, events that are scheduled for during our national lock down, will be

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