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Learning how to ride motorcycle

A new rider’s guide to learning how to ride motorcycle with easy to follow steps. To start off we want to give a big thanks to Best Motor Bike Jackets for the great article.

The open road is something that calls to everyone. There is no better way to answer that call than cutting through the wind with a motorcycle. You can ride as free as a bird, flying wild beneath passing clouds and over rolling hills.

That is – IF you know how to actually ride a motorcycle.

Riding can be tricky. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could injure yourself or someone else. On these kinds of rigs, it does not take much to get a serious injury (so make sure to wear a helmet). It is not like getting into a car and taking off willy nilly. When it comes to riding a motorcycle you have to have balance like you would when you are riding a normal bicycle – except everything is flashing by at top speed.

The good thing is that balance is pretty easy to control because the power from the motorbike’s accelerator is going to keep you upright. It’s the moments when you slow down, that balancing becomes a much bigger issue you need to worry about.

If you are used to driving cars, you will also need to get comfortable with accelerating using your hands instead of your feet. Depending on how quickly you can adjust, this can be difficult.

Then there is the actual steering. Unlike a car driving wheeler, you will have to move your arms a bit more and be extra careful not to be aggressive with your turning to prevent spilling off the bike completely.

Before you even hop onto a bike, you need to learn a thing or two about motorbike maintenance. No need for total expertise before you ever take off down the winding road, but you should know enough that when you see your motorbike you know if it’s roadworthy or not.

One of the biggest mistakes new riders make is not knowing how to care for their bike properly. A badly maintained motorcycle isn’t only a bad investment, but can be dangerous.

Some Items to Watch Out for Are:

A.) Tire pressure. 
Since lower tire pressure will actually make it much harder to steer and handle the bike. This is an easy fix. Use a small pressure gauge to check the tires before you hop onto the bike.

B.) Air Filters. 
Check the air filters regularly

C.) Oil and fluid levels. 
Make sure the oil levels are good or change out the oil if it’s been awhile. Simple things will make it easier for you to actually learn how to ride the bike.

Once you purchase a bike, it might be worthwhile to also buy a bright yellow “duck pond.” Duck ponds are useful to park your motorbike on top of when you’re storing it in your garage because you can walk into your garage and see any fluid leaks in the bright yellow duck pond immediately (something a dark garage floor might cover up).

I’ve put together an entire step-by-step tutorial below for you on how to ride. By the time you are done reading this, you will be more than confident to hop onto the back of a bike and take on the roaring winds of the open road.

Types of Motorcycles:


There are two important things to consider as you start learning how to ride a motorcycle:

The type of bike you choose

The safety of that vehicle.

Here is a brief summary of the common types of motorbikes currently on the market:

Choppers: Iconic Harley-Davidsons fall into this category. These beasts are more about looks than comfort, so if you’re looking for a comfortable ride, then do not choose this one.

Sports Bike: This is probably the most common type of motorcycle. A mix between power and comfort, great for 3-4 hours rides on twisty roads or daily commutes.

Dirt Bikes: An unlikely choice for long road trips, but the perfect choice if you’re planning on doing a lot of off-roading. They have minimal designs and sturdier tires with studs on them to help overcome rocky terrain

Cruisers: Similar to choppers (a la Harley-Davidson bikes), but these are made for a more comfortable ride. This style is very iconic like the chopper, but is the better choice for long road cruises (hence the name).

Adventure/Touring Dual Sports Bikes: Similar to dirt bikes, these bikes are made for longer distance traveling with a good sized fuel tank to carry you the distance. They work well for rougher roads, as this style focuses on having good suspension.

Scooters & Power Scooters: These bikes are typified by the Italian Vespa’s. They’re smaller bikes for commuting rather than super long distances. The engines tend to be smaller on them, though power scooters can still sport large engines.

There are other bike types out there too, but these cover the most common options for a newbie to choose from. Now, let’s dive into exactly HOW you can start driving a motorbike without injuring yourself or others in the process.

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