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Muscle Cars You Can Afford in South Africa

Do you want a muscle car? If yes, then you are in luck because here are 6 classic Muscle Cars You Can Afford in South Africa.

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Classic muscle cars are the big, loud and extreme burning machines that were produced by the likes of Ford, Chevy, Chrysler and even AMC.

Featured here is a list of 6 of the most amazing classic muscle cars from the past 40 years or so that you can find in South Africa.

06-14 -11971 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1
Estimated cost: R595 000
Horsepower: 375
Torque: 610 N•m (450 lb•ft)

The 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is a legend when it comes to classic muscle cars. You would be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck when it comes to this beast!

The 1971 saw another major restyling change for the Mustang. It was also to be the last restyling for the first generation Mustang. Introduced late in August of 1970, the new Mustang was more than two inches longer and almost two and a half inches wider than its 1970 predecessor. For the first time since the Mustang’s inception, the wheelbase was extended one inch to 109″. The 200 cid 6 cylinder was dropped along with the 428, the Boss 302, and the Boss 429. New engines for ’71 were the Boss 351, the 429, and the Ram Air 429.

The Boss 351 produced 330 horsepower, while both 429 engines produced 370 horsepower. On the exterior, the famous Mustang corral returned. A new wide chrome strip on the edge of the front fenders and hood was borrowed from the 1969 Shelby’s. The long hood now turned up at the windshield to cover the hidden wipers. Large, bold, triple lens tail lights appeared on the rear of the new Mustang. Flush mounted door handles replaced the earlier surface mounted units.

The interior featured standard high-back buckets, a mini console, and an all new instrumentation layout. Power windows were offered for the first time. The Mach 1 continued to be offered for ’71. It was available with any of the V8 engines. A special honeycomb grille and color keyed front bumper were unique to the Mach 1 model. The chrome hood and fender mouldings were replaced with color keyed trim. “Mach 1” decals were placed on the fenders and deck lid and a special black or argent lower body side paint was used.

New for 1971 was the Boss 351 which replaced the Boss 302 and Boss 429. The Boss 351 featured a special 330 horsepower 351-4V Cleveland engine. The Boss 351 featured a blacked out NASA scooped hood with twist type locks and special body side stripes. The Boss 351 included a competition suspension with staggered rear shocks, a four speed transmission with a Hurst shifter, power front disc brakes, dual exhaust, and 3.91:1 traction lock rear end. There were a total of 151,484 Mustangs built in 1971.

Source: http://www.mustangspecs.com/years/71.shtml


1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Estimated Price: R350 000
Horsepower: 290
Torque: 290

The 1969 Camaro marked the last of the first generations and is arguably the most popular.

It featured entirely new, more aggressive looking sheet metal and revised grille. Going away was the coke bottle shape, making room for a flatter, wider looking stance.

The Camaro was available in many different configurations, from a standard Sport Coupe, a rubber melting Super Sport, or a track-ready Z/28. The Rally Sport option with hidden headlights, special stripes and wheels, special bucket seats, nice carpeting, and other items could be added as a separate package to any of the models.

The Sport Coupe was longer and wider this year, had bucket seats, carpeting, and improved Astro Ventilation System.

The Z/28 was for the road racing fan. Dual exhausts, special suspension, heavy-duty radiator, quick-ratio steering, and 15×7 inch rally wheels.

The SS was “The One with a Name Like the Hiss of a Snake.” Big power, special 3-speed transmission, sport striping, heavy insulated hood.

In 1969, there were three different COPO orders for a Camaro. Order #9560 and #9561 were almost the same cars, but #9560 had one big difference: The engine was all-aluminum, and that is the brutal ZL1 (Fred Gibb Chevrolet was responsible for getting the ZL-1 cars into production). These cars had different variations of the 427ci V8, making up to 425 hp. One of the other COPO numbers was the Yenko Camaro, dreamed up by Don Yenko of Yenko Chevrolet, in which he persuaded Chevy to install the L-72s on the assembly line in a limited number of Camaros later to be known as Yenko.

Source: https://myclassicgarage.com/marketplace/knowledge_base/1969-chevrolet-camaro

06-14-31969 Ford Mustang Fastback
Estimated Price: R350 000
Horsepower: 375
Torque: 610

For 1969 Ford restyled and enlarged the Mustang to give us this beauty.

The Mustang had quad headlights for the first time with the outer ones mounted deep into the fenders and the inside ones mounted in the grille area.

The side scoop was mounted higher on the rear fenders on the fastback models than the previous years and on the hardtop and convertible models it was in the same place but it now faced rearward. The Mustang had a high performance theme for 1969 with the release of the Mach 1 model. It came with a standard 351-cid V-8 standard but had the options of a 390-cid or the 428-cid Cobra Jet V-8 engines. With Trans-Am road racing being popular at this time, Ford released another model known as the Boss 302 Mustang and the Boss 429 Mustang

Source: http://www.oldride.com/library/1969_ford_mustang.html

06-14 - 3

1970 AMC Javelin
Estimated Price: R70 000
Horsepower: 315
Torque: 576

The AMC Javelin is a rear wheel drive motor car, with its engine placed in the front, and a 2 door coupé body. The Javelin is part of AMC’s 7070 range of cars. Its 6.4 litre engine is a naturally aspirated, overhead valve, 8 cylinder The power is transferred to the wheels via a 4 speed manual transmission.

Source: http://www.carfolio.com/specifications/models/car/?car=374297



1968 Dodge Charger
Estimated Price: R200 000
Horsepower: 425
Torque: 490

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda
Estimated Price: R190 000
Horsepower: 425
Torque: 490

You have to experience the joy of being inside a classic muscle car. All the cars mentioned were and still are some of the most awesome vehicles. When you come across one you could get goose bumps from the roaring engine and dreaming of driving one on the South African roads.

It was during the 1960′s and 70′s that automakers became competitive with their muscle car offerings. In the past years, although the production of most of these cars has stopped, their existence today still offers pleasure to a lot of people, because people love them.

Which classic muscle car is your favourite? Let us know what your favourite is and what you love about it.

You can find most of these cars by searching online, through dealerships and private sellers. In some places, the muscles cars are appreciated and only used for show.

If you are you looking for classic muscle cars for sale in South Africa, visit the Auto Mart website for deals on pre-owned cars.

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Source: http://blog.automart.co.za/2014/07/23/6-classic-muscle-cars-can-afford-south-africa/


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