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Know your braai etiquette

Do you know your braai etiquette? If not, now is the time to brush up on them. Don’t be that awkward person at the next braai #NutsandBolts4Breakfast

Make sure your car is running in tip top shape or you might not even make it to the next braai. For all your spare parts needs Randburg Midas is your one stop shop.

Braaing is more than just a pastime for South Africans. Some people take it very seriously! Summer is here so you can be sure there are going to be braai sparking up all over the page. Follow these simple do’s & don’t and you can rest assured you will be invited to the next braai

Braai do’s:

  • Do braai on charcoal or wood
  • Do ask your host what you should bring
  • Do bring what your host asks you to bring
  • Buy good quality meat and enough to share
  • Do keep the Braai Master company
  • Do agree with the Braai Master’s method of turning the chops
  • Do compliment the Braai Master on the marinade
  • Do bring extra drink’s regardless if alcoholic or not
  • Do ask the braai master how his drink is doing and replace when needed
  • Do offer to help set and clear the table

Braai don’ts (possibly more important that the do’s):

  • Don’t use gel or paraffin to light the fire. Real braais start with a match and kindling or firelighters
  • Don’t give the Braai Master cooking advice of any kind
  • Don’t arrive with a fish
  • Don’t bring your own tongs to a braai
  • Don’t ask for the marinade recipe. It’s almost always a secret
  • Only eat the salad. Braai Masters take offense to this.
  • Don’t be in a rush. A braai is more than just a meal – it’s a social event.
  • Offer to help set & clear the table.
  • Don’t complain about the music
  • Don’t bring additional people unless cleared by the braai master

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Source: http://capetown.getitonline.co.za/2014/09/23/braai-etiquette/#.Vmgpnvl97IE

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  1. So, if I have meat left over that I brought to the braai. Do I pack it up when I leave, and take it with me? Or should I leave the meat there, or do I ask to take it with me?

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