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Midas Man Cave

Unusual Auto Races around the World

In this count down we take a look at the 5 most unusual auto races around the world. You are definitely going to want to put on your seatbelt for

Midas Man Cave


Happy Heritage Day 2016 South Africa! Try our bacon, pineapple and sweet chilli burger BRAAI RECIPE in celebration of braai day! Thanks to Braai Recipes for the great recipe! WHAT YOU NEED (feeds

Midas Man Cave

Brake fade signs and symptoms

Watch this informative short video to learn how to identify brake fade signs & symptoms which will help ensure you stay safe at all times! Shout out to Ferodo South

Midas Man Cave

Learn how to make and use a Car-B-Que

We are going to take an in-depth look at the great art of the Car-B-Que. Yes you read that right… Car engine cooking will change the way you take road

Midas Man Cave

Symptoms of failing CV Joints

Learn how to identify early warning signs and symptoms of a bad or failing CV joints. Common signs include loud clicking noises when turning, grease on the inside edge of

Midas Man Cave

Epic father and son car drifting

You have got to watch this little boy’s face in this epic father and son car drifting video! You can’t help but smile when you hear this little guy laughing.

Midas Man Cave

Early warning signs of shock and strut failure

This article will help you to identify early warning signs of shock and strut failure This will assist you in diagnostic issues before they become large problems. Don’t forget Randburg Midas will

Midas Man Cave

DVR In-Car Cam

Never miss another moment with the stylish DVR in-car cam from Randburg Midas This stylish DVR in-car cam sports some very high-end features including: Automatic Sun Blocker For Direct Sunlight,

Midas Man Cave

Top 5 car towing fails

This video shows the top 5 car towing fails. It just goes to prove once again that power is nothing without control! If you thought you were having a bad

Midas Man Cave

Jaguar’s Guinness World Record 80th birthday

British stunt driver Terry Grant was piloting the F-Pace around the insane loop and had to withstand forces of up to 6.5 Gs. Watch the video below to see the

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