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Midas Man Cave

Virtual tour of our store

It’s with the greatest of pleasure that we invite you to enjoy this quick virtual tour of our store! At Randburg Midas we don’t see our employees as staff, we

Midas Man Cave

Tyre blow-out while driving

AA expert Bill Van Tassel describes the steps to take should a driver encounter a tyre blow-out while driving. This is a very important video to watch! I am sure

Midas Man Cave

Muscle Cars You Can Afford in South Africa

Do you want a muscle car? If yes, then you are in luck because here are 6 classic Muscle Cars You Can Afford in South Africa. A huge thanks to

Midas Man Cave

Don’t tell mummy! 1000 bhp GTR

Epic video of the cutest little girl out on a drive with her daddy! Just make sure you don’t tell mummy! 1000 bhp GTR. Let’s start with a big thank

Midas Man Cave

The dangers of aquaplaning

The dangers of aquaplaning are a real risk. They can easy be avoided by regularly checking your tires. In this short and informative video we take a closer look at

Midas Man Cave

5 Car superstitions

Seeing that it’s Friday the 13th we thought it might be fun to share these 5 interesting car superstitions that we found… YOU WONT BELIEVE YOUR EYES! We would like

Road Tripping

DVR in-car cam

Never miss a moment again with the awesome DVR in-car cam. Record and capture every moment with this crystal clear car cam! Your videos and photos will never be the

Midas Man Cave

Automotive tech trends for 2017

In this short article we take a look at some exciting automotive tech trends we can look forward to in 2017!  It’s hard to imagine a time when having a

Midas Man Cave

13 cheap and easy car hacks

In this epic article we take a look at the top 13 cheap and easy car hacks you don’t want to miss out on. Let us know in the comments

Midas Man Cave

Understanding your tyre tread depth

Tyres play a huge role in the safety of your vehicle. By understanding your Tyre tread depth you will know when to replace your tyres and potentially avoid an accident.

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