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The Ultimate Power Tool Checklist

We have put together the ultimate power tool checklist. There will be no project too big or small for you to handle #Powertool

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Power tools make household repairs, individual tasks, and construction projects considerably easier. Different uses dictate the specific power tools that should be on hand, but having the right tool for an unplanned repair or impromptu project saves the hassle of a trip to the local home center.

Manufacturers produce a power tool for just about any application. Some are hand-held and portable while others are freestanding. Portable power tools offer convenience and versatility while table mounted tools produce more accurately cut or shaped products. They may be battery powered or plug in to a wall or generator outlet.

By planning homeowners can stock their workbenches with a variety of equipment to cover an extensive array of projects. Do-it-yourselfers and handypersons alike will find dozens of uses for the power tools below.

Air Compressor

A power tool that pressurizes and emits blasts of air, an air compressor can power such devices as paint sprayers and impact wrenches. For homeowners with lots of square footage to paint, a sprayer attachment on the air compressor can cover it as much as 10 times faster than a brush alone.


Most models of this electrically powered tool are free standing due to the accuracy required for most applications, but hand-held bandsaws are also on the market. The tool cuts by virtue of a continuous, single-edged metal saw blade. A bandsaw is a handy power tool to have in the home workshop for cutting wood and metal shapes as required for various woodworking and crafts, from cutting house numbers to tracing letters for signage.

Belt Sander

Some belt sander models are hand-held, and the operator moves the sander over the wood surface to prepare it for finer finishing work. Stationary belt sanders can be free standing or mounted on a workbench. The operator moves wood across the circulating sanding belt on a stationary sander. This electrically powered tool is a must for rough finishing furniture, doors, or trim. It also removes old finishes quickly and effectively.
Ceramic Tile Cutter

Tile repair and bathroom remodeling are not infrequent occurrences in many homes, and those in possession of ceramic tile cutters need not break a sweat on these types of projects. Like belt sanders, power tile cutters can be portable or bench mounted for greater accuracy. They cut end and corner pieces efficiently without the breakage common when cutting ceramic tiles by hand.


A chainsaw is a portable, heavy-duty saw designed for outdoor use. It can be battery, gas, hydraulic, or compressor powered. Chainsaws are sized for different tasks, from limbing a tree to cutting a full-sized log into firewood. Consider not only the work to be done but also the weight of the saw. Some gas powered models are too heavy for some operators.

Circular Saw

This power saw is a popular home power tool for good reason. It is most often electric and is versatile enough to tackle plenty of residential wood sawing tasks. Circular saws make straight cuts on framing lumber or fencing boards. The operator can set the round disk-type blade at an angle to make diagonal cuts too. Circular saw blades are easy to change for work on different types of wood, such as plywood and finishing trim.

Disc Sander

Another type of wood finishing tool, the disc sander smooths rough edges with a rotating round of sandpaper that is attached to the power tool’s wheel. The tool includes a small, adjustable bench that holds the item being sanded. It is ideal for smoothing smaller pieces of wood, such as furniture legs.


The power drill is arguably the most indispensable tool in the homeowner’s tool kit. With interchangeable screwdriver and drilling tips, known as drill bits, people can perform a multitude of tasks while saving time and elbow grease. Mounting mirrors and artwork with screw-in hooks, fixing a fence, and assembling furniture are just some of the uses for a power drill. Whether it is a rechargeable drill,, an electrical unit, or a table-mounted model, a drill is the quintessential do-it-yourselfer’s tool.

Heat Gun

For the fixer upper that needs new paint, a heat gun is a real time saver. Its heat helps loosen old coats of paint for faster removal, and the gun design makes it easy to aim into tight corners. It is a handy gadget to have on hand for thawing frozen pipes too. Crafters can use a heat gun for shrink wrapping and drying glue.

Impact Driver

An impact driver applies downward, rotational torque to bolts and nuts that are too tight for a power screwdriver to loosen. Common in machine shops, it is also a great home workshop tool for removing old decking or other existing structures that have entrenched screws.

Impact Wrench

This power tool also answers to other names, such as air gun, impactor, and torque gun. Most commonly powered by an air compressor but also designed in hydraulic or electric models, the impact wrench is a high torque socket wrench with graduated socket sizes to fit plenty of automotive, assembly, and construction uses.


This lesser known yet useful free standing power tool, more commonly called a planer, evens out the length of a board to create a flat surface. While its primary use is to make the edges of boards flat so that they fit together seamlessly when joined, a jointer is a good tool for evening out slightly warped planks for reclaimed wood floors and paneling.


A great tool for the artsy person to have on hand, a jigsaw, also known as a scroll saw, cuts wood into shapes for customized decor and crafts. Jigsaws have single, reciprocating blades that can navigate tight curves and corners. All the user needs do is to draw a pattern on the wood and follow the design with the saw blade.


Indispensable for the furniture maker, a lathe is a free-standing power tool that cuts pieces of wood as they rotate on an axis. It can create ornate furniture legs or staircase spindles with uniform, decorative shaping.

Miter Saw

Anyone who has ever balked at the price of a custom picture frame or has been unsuccessful cutting moldings by hand should have a miter saw. This electrically powered device has an adjustable fence that holds the wood at the appropriate angle for cutting to make perfectly snug corners. At some time or another, virtually every homeowner will have a need for a miter saw.

Nail Gun

Whether the project is building a garden shed or siding a pole building, a nail gun provides accuracy, saves time, and conserves nails. Some nail guns require air compression while others run on butane or propane. Some devices react to explosive charges like standard guns. Some nail guns are designed for specific uses such as framing, finish work or roofing. Nails feed into the gun on a continuous tape, so none are wasted.

Radial Arm Saw

This table or bench mounted saw is designed to make accurate crosscuts and lengthwise rips in lumber. Home carpenters can cut fencing boards into narrower pieces to fill gaps. It has a circular blade that is positioned on a sliding arm. When fitted with a dado blade, the radial arm saw can make specialized cuts for dado and rabbet joints favored by furniture makers.

Reciprocating Saw

Another essential saw in the hobby carpenter’s toolkit, the reciprocating saw is a work horse for demolition jobs and many household chores. It has a single blade that moves in a vertical, back and forth motion. Also called a sabre saw or by the brand name “Sawzall,” this electric tool can fit into tight spaces and features several types of blades for cutting everything from masonry to metal. It comes in handy for plumbing, landscape masonry, and other household tasks.

Rotary Tool

This multitasking tool has several different types of heads to answer a multitude of needs. Cordless and corded models can cut, drill, polish, grind, carve, engrave, rout, and sand. Indispensable for the homeowner who loves to keep everything shipshape, a rotary tool< can even replace several other types of power tools for lighter duty tasks.

Scroll saw

Similar to a bandsaw in its performance but capable of producing more detailed work, a scroll saw is essential for artisans and furniture makers doing intricate designs in wood. Unlike a bandsaw with its continuous blade, the scroll saw has a reciprocating blade that can fit into a predrilled hole for cutting designs at the center of a wood blank without cutting through the edge.

Table Saw

Woodworkers use table saws for cutting uniform length of wood for home projects. The circular blade is mounted in a stationary position on the table but moves up or down to expose the desired amount of cutting surface and to adjust the depth of the cuts.

Thickness Planer

A thickness planer has a cutter head that holds its blades, rollers for pulling lumber through the cutters, and an adjustable table for gauging different thicknesses of boards. Portable thickness planers are not table mounted. This is a handy power tool for people who are building with reclaimed boards of irregular thicknesses. A portable model can level a threshold or beam already in place.


An outdoor power tool for landscaping applications, trimmers are also called weed whackers, weed eaters, and string trimmers. Electric trimmers are lighter in weight than gas powered models but limited in scope by the length of their extension cords. A trimmer is essential for keeping weeds and lawn edges neatly manicured.

Wall Chaser

For the do-it-yourselfer with electrical installation skills, a wall chaser is an excellent power tool to have on hand for rewiring areas of the home. A wall chaser cuts grooves into existing walls that accept electrical wiring.

Wood Router

This very useful power tool hollows out grooves in furniture or molding for decorative purposes. Hobbyists can use a router to style picture frames and other wood or plastic items. The tool has interchangeable router bits for differently shaped grooves and cuts, making it a versatile device.


While every homeowner does not necessarily need to own every item on the ultimate power tool checklist, everybody does need a few good tools to make home and yard maintenance manageable. With the help of Randburg Midas, even those on a budget can fulfill their own power tool checklists.

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