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Steps to popping a wheelie

Follow these easy steps to popping a wheelie. You will be a pro in no time #MotorBikes  

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Most riders want to learn how to wheelie a dirt bike in order to impress their friends. Learning how to wheelie is an important part of becoming a better rider by teaching throttle, clutch and brake control. As well as body position and balance. It’s not something a beginning rider thinks to focus on in the early stages, but you’re going to be doing quite a few unintentional wheelies when you start riding. So it’s not a bad idea to familiarise yourself with the proper steps right from the start.

Steps to a wheelie: If you’ve ever watched a motocross race, visualize the starting gate. The riders are lined up, have their clutches pulled in enough to remove power from the rear wheel, but out enough to engage the clutch quickly (aka in the “friction zone”), they’re applying throttle at a steady rev, and when the gate drops they shift into gear, release the clutch, and apply more throttle. That’s what you’re aiming for, but at a much slower speed. So . . .

  1. Start off in first gear (you can always try 2nd gear later)
  2. Apply enough steady throttle to get up to about 40 km/h
  3. Pull in the clutch about a third to halfway – (you’ll feel the bike start to slow down)
  4. Try to weight the front end if possible while simultaneously give it more throttle and letting out the clutch quickly while shifting your weight towards the rear of the bike

All this happens in one smooth motion, not one step at a time and each bike is set up differently so you may need to pull the clutch in a bit further to find your bike’s friction zone. As mentioned earlier concentrate on the controls, not getting the front end up. Don’t forget to cover the rear brake in case the bike feels like it’s going to loop out (flip over).

It takes time: Everything sounds easy in print, but learning how to wheelie a dirt bike isn’t all that simple so don’t get frustrated. Wheelies are all about timing and practice, not balls. Take your time and you’ll figure it out without wrecking your bike or your body. It’s not that easy to get the hang of popping dirt bike wheelies, but don’t make it any more difficult than it has to be by over-thinking the process. You mastered the basic riding skills and you can master popping wheelies.

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