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Motul FIM Glossary

If you are planning on watching the Motul FIM World Championship, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the World Championship Glossary #MotorBikes

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The minimum age for participants in a Motul FIM Superbike World Championship race is 18. For the FIM Supersport World Championship it is 16. The maximum age for both categories is 50. In 2015 the minimum age for riders participating in the FIM Super stock 1000 Cup is 16 while the maximum age is 28 (they can be up to 2 years older than in the past).


A meeting of sporting or technical character, generally called by Race Direction, involving riders and/or team managers.


The person responsible for ensuring that the circuit is properly prepared for the race and that all the marshals are at their posts.

DORNA WorldSBK Organization

Since from 2013, the Company that organise and promote the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship.


Registration for a race. An “Entry List” is published before each race and lists all the riders who have registered to take part, together with the names of their teams, and the type of motorcycle they will be riding.

FIM or F.I.M.

Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (International Motorcycling Federation), the coordinating body for international motorcycle racing.


The persons responsible for enforcing the Rules, and for reporting infringements to the Race Direction.


Practice sessions in which lap times do not count towards determining starting grid positions.


A jury made up of a President and two Members appointed by the FIM, plus other delegates (the Delegate appointed by DWO, the Race Director, the Technical Director, the Medical Director, the Clerk of the Course, the FIM Safety Officer),responsible for ensuring that the race is run according to the Rules, and for reporting any infringements to the Race Direction. The jury decides issues by voting, with each member having one vote.


Occurs when a rider starts before the starting lights change. Incurs a penalty.


The document drawn up by the timing personnel at the end of the race, showing the positions of each rider at the end of each lap.


Used to signal the start of the race. Lights are also installed at the exit from the pit lane to tell riders whether it is safe to re-enter the circuit or not.


The persons responsible for signalling to the riders, by means of special flags, and also for assisting them if they come off the track.


An event that is characteristic of the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship (and almost unique to it in top level motorcycle racing). On the Thursday before the race, spectators are allowed free access to the paddock, where riders hold Q&A and autograph sessions, as well as taking part in extra-racing activities.


The area behind the pits where the various teams park their motor homes and trucks.


The area in the paddock dedicated to riders’ on-stage attendance, events and entertaining activities, from Thursday to Sunday, all open to the public, as per the typical proximity feeling that WorldSBK fans can experience with their heroes.


The lane that runs alongside a part of the circuit and where the point from which the riders first take to the track is located. Teams occupy the pit lane garages on the internal side of this lane to work on their bikes.


Entry to the pit lane. A privilege restricted to pass holders, who are permitted to visit the pit lane at times when the riders are not busy with practice or racing.


The first position on the starting grid.


The means by which a team can contest the result achieved by a rider from a rival team, generally on the basis of technical or sporting considerations.


Practice session in which lap times count towards determining starting grid positions. Riders are placed according to their fastest lap time. To participate in the race, riders must record one lap no more than 107% of the time recorded by the fastest rider in the same session.


The managerial body of a race, made up of one representative of the FIM, one representative of Dorna WorldSBK. It is the responsibility of Race Direction to penalise teams or riders if they infringe the rules; to penalise the race organisers if they fail to ensure proper and efficient organisation for the event; also to hear appeals against penalties imposed for infringements of the Rules.

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Source: http://www.worldsbk.com/en/inside_sbk/glosary

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