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Motor Bike off road riding tip 2

Follow these Motor Bike off road riding tips to master you skills #Motorbikes

We are highlighting tips to make you the best off-roader rider you can be!

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  1. To Turn, Push The Bike Down

This will be counterintuitive if you’re coming from street riding. Off-road, lean angle is your friend; to turn you want to push the bike down as far as possible, while keeping your body upright, on top of it. This makes full use of the knobs on dirt tires and allows you to easily control the slides that make off-road riding so much fun.

  1. Stay Off The Front Brake In Turns

Riding where there’s little traction (off-road) is totally different from riding where there is a ton of grip (the street). Don’t try to trail brake, it’ll simply wash out the front. A dirt bike’s front brake can be used hard in a straight line, so slow down before the corner, push it down, then power out. Or, use the terrain to your advantage, employing berms or similar to catch your speed and redirect you.

  1. Look Where You Want To Go, Not Where You Don’t

This applies to street riding too. Consciously turn your head and focus on where you want the bike to be, not on the cow/cliff/boulder you don’t want to hit. Your body will follow your head and the bike will follow that. Practice this to the point where it doesn’t take deliberate effort.

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Source: https://rideapart.com/articles/11-tips-for-riding-off-road

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