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Motor Bike off road riding tip 1

Follow these Motor Bike off road riding tips to master you skills #Motorbikes

We are highlighting tips to make you the best off-roader rider you can be!

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  1. Adjust Your Clutch Lever for Two-Finger Operation

One of the things you need to master is throttle control and how important clutch operation is to its mastery. Part of that is adjusting the lever so you operate it both while standing (where your arm is angled more steeply) and using only your middle and index fingers. That allows you to operate the clutch without altering your grip on the bars, which makes your responses faster and smoother. It also facilitates a finer level of control than simply employing it as a blunt on/off switch. All that’s especially important at low speeds and while tackling challenging obstacles.

  1. In Sand/Silt/Deep Stuff, Speed Up and Lean Back

On the road, you learn to slow down for safety. On big, heavy bikes, around bigger, heavier cars, that’s just the best approach. Off-road, on a light bike? You’re actually far more stable when you apply some speed. The gyroscopic force of the wheels will keep you upright, momentum will carry you over or through tough terrain like deep sand. Moving your weight backwards has the combined effect of adding traction to the rear wheel, where the power is being applied taking weight off the front, allowing it to deflect and ride over the stuff that it’s hitting.

  1. If You Think You Might Need Something, Take It with You

By virtue of going off-road, you’re leaving stuff like the nice AAA man and cell phone service behind. You’re also gaining new hazards like rocks and trees that, if you hit them, can damage your motorcycle. So, you need to be prepared with the tools, parts and knowledge to perform common repairs like fixing a flat tire. You’ll always use more gas than you planned on, too, so packing a little extra is never a bad idea. All that seems obvious, but it’s remarkable how many times you encounter someone stopped on the trail without a tube or in need of a few liters of petrol.

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Source: https://rideapart.com/articles/11-tips-for-riding-off-road

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