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Five fastest dirt bikes

There is no stopping the thrill of accelerating to top speeds on an open stretch of land. Dirt bikes with full off-road capabilities can manage speeds well over 160 Kph with the right rider and conditions. Here are the five fastest dirt motor bikes in the world #MotorBikes

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Speed isn’t everything in dirt bikes made for wild off-road romps, but the combination of raw power and light weights make them capable of furious sprints. These five bikes have set the standard.

  1. Honda CRF 450R (140 kph)

Many dirt bike enthusiasts say the Honda CRF 450R can beat any other dirt bike in a race with the right rider in control. Honda’s 2014 model brings in more oil flow for better response from the air fork while shaving 1kg off the curb weight, bringing it down to 110kg. The result is a bike made to win races with agility and superior handling.

The 449cc liquid-cooled engine provides the power when there is a straight shot for riders. Racers have hit 87 mph riding the CFR 450R, which makes it one of the fastest bikes on the planet.

  1. Kawasaki KX 450F (175 Kph)

Always a direct challenger to the Honda CRF 450R, the Kawasaki KX 450F also packs a 449cc engine capable of stunning acceleration with a curb weight of 112kg. Riders have made this bike a winner on countless occasions in Motocross competition. Kawasaki calls it “the bike that builds champions” for a reason.

  1. ATK Intimidator (175 Kph)

Whether packing the Maico 620 or 700 engine, the limited edition ATK Intimidator has always been in the running for fastest dirt bike in the world. The 700 houses a 685cc two-stroke engine capable of 78 hp for a bike with a dry weight of just 107kg. Compared to the fastest dirt bikes that have ever been tested, an ATK Intimidator would have a clear edge with the right modifications. Racers have pushed the 700 Intimidator to speeds over 175 Kph. It seems like only a matter of time before that gets pushed above the record mark. Its year may come in 2014.

  1. KTM 450 SX-F (197 Kph)

KTM is always producing bikes challenging for fastest two-wheeler on the planet. In the dirt bike category, the 450 SX-F was a Motcross Champion under rider Ryan Dungey. The 449cc engine is used to power a bike weighing just 105kg. Equipped with the right rider, KTM 450 bikes can win races among any sprinting dirt bikes. With a top speed of 197 Kph, KTM’s SX-F sits in a class few bikes can enter. The KTM 500 models hit the same mark in ideal conditions.

  1. BMW 1200 GS Adventure (201 Kph)

At a tested top speed around 201 Kph, there are few bikes that compete in the same league as the BMW 1200 GS Adventure. Built as a super-fast bike that can tackle any off-road conditions, this BMW is a ferocious yet versatile dirt rider. It packs 125 hp and 92 lb-ft of torque, which makes it the most powerful bike on this list by far — though at 273kg, it’s also the heaviest.

This weight makes the 1200 GS Adventure harder to fly, yet the overwhelming 1193cc engine provides stability in uneven terrain. Like the HP4 known for sport competition, the power pushes it to the next dimension. A top speed of 201 Kph makes it the segment winner.

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