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6 manliest food items

There’s something about certain foods that just makes them ooze manliness, but not in a gross way. Here are the 6 manliest food items #NutsandBolts4Breakfast

After discussing some of the many reasons¬†real men don’t eat salads, we got to thinking about what type of foods would definitively qualify as “manly.” The type of foods that practically beg to be accompanied by a beer, a Rugby match, or something equally masculine (motor oil, maybe?)

6) T-Bone Steak
It’s thick, it’s juicy, this is the manliest of all the steak

5) Biltong
Biltong is tough as nails and can survive under almost any conditions. It’s pretty much the Chuck Norris of all dried meats

4) A Good Old-Fashioned Cheeseburger
Guy foods might not get any simpler than a good old-fashioned burger. A giant patty of ground beef, a slice of cheese, and hopefully a healthy portion of bacon are all you need for a perfectly self-contained meal.

3) Nachos
Cheese by itself is absolutely wonderful, but not particularly manly. The same could be said for Dorito chips. However, when you add the two together and top them off with some chilies it all of a sudden transforms into a guy-stravaganza of awesomeness.

2) BBQ Ribs
It’s meat served on a slab and smothered in barbecue sauce. What’s not to like? It doesn’t get much manlier than tearing apart a rack of ribs with your bare hands.

1) Anything HOT and SPICY
The most manly thing to meat is anything so hot it makes you miserable, when you are around other man you need to prove you can finish a serving or you will appear appear inferior and weak. If you check any wall of fame at a restaurant featuring a hot food challenge, you’ll notice there aren’t many women willing to suffer through this type of pain for a chance at immortality.

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Source: http://www.dailyfork.com/2009/04/the_8_manliest_food_items.php?page=2

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