Understanding your tyre tread depth

Understanding your tyre tread depth

Tyres play a huge role in the safety of your vehicle. By understanding your Tyre tread depth you will know when to replace your tyres and potentially avoid an accident.

The law says your tyres must have at least a 1 millimetre tread and if it falls below that figure, you risk hefty fines and points on your license. Some tyres have tread wear indicators in the tread pattern to show when the tread depth is less than 1.6 millimetres. In these cases, if the tread on the tyre is level with these indicators, the tyre must be replaced as it is considered not roadworthy. Without the correct tread, your tyres lose grip easily, and your vehicle becomes unsafe.

Tread wear indicator bars are moulded into the tread grooves at regular intervals around the tyre to indicate when a tyre is worn to its limit of safety.

When the tyre is worn to the legal limit the bars will be flush with the surface of the tread. While that is the legal requirement some car manufacturers recommend you replace your tyres before they wear to that extent.

Furthermore when you enter into your policy conditions with your insurer you enter into an agreement stating that your vehicle will be in a roadworthy condition. If you fail to keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition and an accident occurs your insurance company can reject your claim. If your tyres are not in good condition your vehicle can be viewed as being unroadworthy, so check your tyres regularly!

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