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Three ways to power your car

Three ways to power your car

Three ways to power your car

Know the three ways to power your car. This may mean that petrol might be a thing of the past soon #MidasPower

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With research in alternative energy at an all-time high, scientists are coming up with more ways than one to power vehicles. We take a look at 3 alternatives that don’t require a drop of traditional petroleum-based fuel. Let’s go for a ride.


Hydrogen-fueled cars certainly seem ideal. For gas, they use the most abundant element in the universe, and emissions consists of precisely two things — heat and water. What’s not to love? In terms of mass production, though, issues of technical feasibility and affordability are still being worked out. For starters, hydrogen doesn’t exist on its own. It has to be manufactured and that process oftentimes burns fossil fuels. Thankfully, plenty of researchers are trying to figure out to made hydrogen using renewable energy. Several hydrogen fuel vehicles are currently in development, including the Honda FCX Clarity, available for lease in southern California.

Salt water

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the Quant e-Sportlimousine has a driving range of more than 370 miles and is powered by saltwater. Well, kinda-sorta. The car’s unique electric flow battery uses salt water as a storage solution, with two separate 200-liter tanks in the rear of the vehicle.


A subset of the biofuel designation, biodiesel is produced from soy or vegetable oil and can be used as a pure fuel itself or blended with petroleum in any percentage.



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