Quick and easy gardening with Flymo Mowers

Quick and easy gardening with Flymo Mowers

Turn your jungle into something you are proud of with these Quick and easy gardening with Flymo Mowers steps #MidasPower

Randburg Midas are stockists of Flymo garding equipment and tools, so visit us for your outdoor needs today!

With the extensive range of Flymo mowers to choose from, keeping your lawn looking good has never been easier. The secret of a good lawn is to mow little and often, with the aim being to simply top the grass each time you mow. This makes mowing much easier and it helps to keep the grass green and healthy.

For a really smart finish after mowing, trim around the edges of the lawn with the Contour Cordless trimmer.

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Source: http://www.flymo.com/za/garden-tips/lawn-care-moving/

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