Take your lighter to the next level with this awesome LighterBro #MidasManCave

LighterBro is the fire-breathing multi-tool, manufactured using 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel that has been highly polished to a mirror finish.

The “snap action” tools of knife, screwdriver and scissors are spring loaded for fast action.

The bottle opener is integrated into the bottom of the multi-tool lighter sleeve for instant use.

Push the lighter past bottle opener stop for a more compact profile when carried. LighterBro logo is laser engraved for maximum durability.

Includes an integrated key ring allowing you to tether your LighterBro so it never gets lost or stolen.

Equip yourself with LighterBro Today available form Import It All

  • Save Money and Time: Never loose your lighter with personalization and the lanyard leash.
  • Spark a conversation when asked for a light. You got a Lighter Bro?
  • Save room in your pockets by combining your lighter and multitool.
  • Save time digging around for a bottle opener when you need it
  • Trim that thread before your shirt comes unwound.
  • Never have to live with loose glasses with the convenience the glass screwdriver in your pocket
  • Easily open all of those boxes and packages with the razor sharp knife.
  • Makes a great gift for the holidays

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