How to use a Jigsaw

How to use a Jigsaw

Learning how to use a Jigsaw is a walk in the park thanks to this informative article!

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In our opinion, the jigsaw ranks a close second to the cordless drill as must-have do-it-yourself power tools. They are very versatile and work perfectly for around the house fixes and small woodworking projects. Even if you’ve never used a saw before the jigsaw is extremely intuitive and also safer to operate than most power saws.

Children can also be taught how to use a jigsaw and can be one of the first power tools they learn to use. But as with any power tool, they should be respected and handled with care as well and proper safety equipment should be used when operating them.
Jigsaws are perfect for cutting pine boards and plywood both of which will be used extensively in many of the DIY projects we are going to post. You can also buy saw blades that will cut laminate, tile and metal.

Before using your jigsaw make sure you have the correct blade and your workspace is clear of any obstructions. You’ll also want to consider using gloves and we highly recommend wearing safety goggles to protect your eyes from sawdust.

When you start your cut make sure the shoe of the saw which is the flat guide is firmly placed on the cutting material and start the blade before moving it into the wood. Mark out your cuts beforehand and keep your fingers far away from the blade. Also be aware of what is below your cutting material so it doesn’t get snagged by the blade such as a cord, table or pant leg.

With more experience, you’ll get the hang of using your jigsaw and learn how to cut corners (literally) and make smooth cuts around edges

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Source: http://builtbykids.com/how-to-use-a-jigsaw-for-diy-projects/


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