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How to Do a Burnout on a Motorbike

How to Do a Burnout on a Motorbike

How to Do a Burnout on a Motorbike

Learning how to do a burnout on a Motorbike is rather simple if you follow these steps #MotorBikes

Before we even start, it is IMPORTANT to always practice safety first and wear your protective clothing and helmet, never attempt any trick while you are your own. Always make sure there is an experienced rider with you.

And another thing, before even getting onto your motor bike make sure it is running in tip top condition. To ensure it is, always use high quality products like Motul engine oil which is available from Randburg Midas.

  1. Turn on the motorcycle and keep it in first 
  2. Pull in the front brake and the clutch all the way.
  3. Use your right thumb and turn the throttle while remaining four fingers holding on the front brake and other hand hold clutch, get up to about 7000-8000 RPMs.
  4. Make sure to stand solidly on your feet (if you are still learning do the standing one first)all of your feet touching the ground, to from an A shape with your legs so that your thighs or knees hold the bike from going too much to the right or too much to the left
  5. Slowly start to release the clutch while keeping the front brake pulled tightly. You will feel your back tire start to spin, but you won’t go anywhere as long as you keep on the front brake.
  6. Keep accelerating, you will be making a lot of smoke and turning a lot of heads.When you are done, pull in the clutch all the way or release the throttle your thumb

Should you do a burn out it, is at your own risk.

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