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Smoke Brake

Interesting articles that will help teach you how to spot early warning signs, so that you can attend to them before disaster strikes.

  • South Africa’s National Drifting Series

    South Africa’s National Drifting Series, this is where the big boys play with the ‘sideways craze’ #SmokeBrake The new SupaDrift Series is going to be a sideways affair! This will be a series showcasing the Best of the best Drifters from around the country demonstrating their skills of keeping a car sideways and burning rubber. The more smoke, the better! The rising stars of the worlds fastest growing motorsport will be competing for their chance to shine in the SupaDrift Series. XS Promotions (XSP), the leader in SA action (extreme) sports and lifestyle marketing has created the SupaDrift Series for the SA crowd and current drift fans. “Our ambitions are to conceptualise motorsports events and introduce it to patrons and the unconverted by making it fun, exciting and real-life live entertainment. A fan can expect an experience where the noise factor and tyre smoking abilities of a drifter and his machine can be transferred to the onlookers passions and thrill!’ Its gonna be a wild ride! For more information: Website Facebook

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  • LESS 10% on ANY vehicle globes

    Awesome weekly specials available exclusively at Randburg Midas. This week’s special is LESS 10% on ANY vehicle globes. Valid from Monday 18th – Saturday 23rd May 2015 ‪#‎MidasMondayMadness‬ Don’t forget to check back with Randburg Midas every Monday to see our new weekly specials. Specials are only valid for the general public and exclude dealerships and workshops. T&Cs apply. This special excludes any covers that are already on special.

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  • Timing Belt Replacement

    Here are 8 signs that your timing belt needs replacement #SmokeBreak Randburg Midas stock a full range of timing belts and timing chains. Because of the costly nature of timing belt replacement many car owners can be reluctant to get it replaced at the appropriate time. A recent study found that one out of five vehicles needs a new belt, which is crazy when there are 15+ million cars on South Africa’s roads. Unfortunately this neglect could bring on more costly damages to your engine and components, and when the timing belt does fail you’ll be left stranded as your vehicle cannot operate without it. It is always better to be preventative rather than reactive so here are a few things your mechanic will look out for. Material Loss Belt wear is just like tyre wear, as you lose grip you lose traction, which makes the timing belt slip. This is more likely to happen during high load use (pulling a trailer/caravan) or in wet weather. Belt Abrasion This normally occurs when there is a tensioner or pulley misalignment, excessive heat or bearing failure. Your mechanic will notice the belt’s edges have been worn down to the filaments inside. Cracking This sign of wear is self-explanatory. Your mechanic will inspect both the topside and underside (rib cross-section); if your vehicle has a neoprene timing belt and there are a lot of cracks this can indicate excessive wear, which needs to be attended to ASAP. Glazing Glazing is when the timing belt has a shiny or glossy appearance on the underside, which means the belt has gone stiff and isn’t providing the flexibility needed. Your mechanic will check this by trying to put an indent into the surface of the belt. If it doesn’t leave a mark the belt needs replacing. Pilling As the timing belt ages the material it loses can build up loosely in the rib cross-sections. This can cause belt noise and excess vibration. Your mechanic will also check the accessory brake pulleys for further material build up as they may also need to be changed. Hydroplaning This occurs when water cannot be dispersed away from the warn belt and pulleys. The belt then hydroplanes on water between the belt and pulleys, which results in a loss of power to engine accessories. Elongation Material loss can also change the effective length of the belt, moving the tensioner beyond its take-up limit….

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