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Interesting articles that will help teach you how to spot early warning signs, so that you can attend to them before disaster strikes.

  • The dangers of aquaplaning

    The dangers of aquaplaning can be avoided with a simple regular check. Keep save and arrive alive #SmokeBrake Aquaplaning or hydroplaning by the tires of a road vehicle occurs when a layer of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction that prevents the vehicle from responding to control inputs. If it occurs to all wheels simultaneously, the vehicle becomes, in effect, an uncontrolled sled. For more information on our impressive range of car care products and more, please contact us | (011) 789-4411 | | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Google+ | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest Source:

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  • Avoid power steering failure

    If your car is starting to show early warning signs of power steering failure, you need to have it checked before it feels like you are driving a tank #SmokeBrake Almost all cars now have power steering systems to make it easier for drivers to steer the car. However, power steering failure is risky because the motorist can miscalculate the execution of a turn or lose control of the car and have an accident. Power steering failure can usually be avoided because it often happens gradually with enough warning signs before completely failing although a sudden failure is also possible. Here are some of the warning signs of a failing power steering system: Whining, shrieking or moaning sound as you turn the steering wheel are indicators of low steering fluid level. A freely turning steering wheel that requires a major effort to turn the car. Power steering fluid leaks if you see a pink, amber or red fluid on the ground under your car which has been parked for hours. If you can’t easily distinguish the color, put a white sheet under your parked car and check after several hours. If your car is showing any of these early warning signs, Randburg Midas should be your first stop. For whatever reason if we are not able to help, we will put you in the right direction to a specialist who can help. For more information please contact us | (011) 789-4411 | | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Source:

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  • The evolution of communication

    At Midas Randburg we understand the evolution of communication and how things work #FollowUs Over many years we have seen the evolution in cars and now in communications and socially. As innovators in the motor industry we are always looking for new and more convenient ways for our clients to reach us. Not only we available via website, phone and also email we are taking over social media! Please follow these links and like, share and tweet with us. Facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Instagram LinkedIn

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  • Connect with us

    Connect with us on our social media channels to see awesome video tutorials and read amazing and educational posts #FollowUs At Midas Randburg we sock a wide range of products including car care products, service and spare parts, power and regular tools, as well as outdoor camping gear, just to name a few. If you would like more information on how we can help you, please contact one of our professional staff members | (011) 789-4411 | 191 BRAM FISCHER DRIVE RANDBURG At Midas Randburg we are always on the lookout for more efficient way to communicate with our clients that would suit them best. With that being said please connect to us on your preferred social media channel for quick and easy communication. Connect with us and share your comments and question. We are looking forward to hearing from possible please use Hash Tag #RandburgMidas Facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest  

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  • Brake warning signs

    Do I Need My Brakes Checked is a question most of us ask ourselves. Learn what the common brake warning signs that you should be aware of are #SmokeBrake If you notice any of the below warning signs, come and speak to us at Midas Randburg. 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg or give us a call on 011 – 789 4411 or email us You know you need brake repair when: The brake dashboard light glows amber, indicating problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS) The brake dashboard light is red, indicating a system imbalance The brake pedal is spongy or slow to respond You hear grinding or constant squealing during braking Any time you notice these or other symptoms, it’s a good idea to have your brakes checked. At Midas Randburg, if our inspection reveals you do need brake new brake pads, we will be able to supply you with the correct pads that meet your car model and specification. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Source:

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  • South Africa’s National Drifting Series

    South Africa’s National Drifting Series, this is where the big boys play with the ‘sideways craze’ #SmokeBrake The new SupaDrift Series is going to be a sideways affair! This will be a series showcasing the Best of the best Drifters from around the country demonstrating their skills of keeping a car sideways and burning rubber. The more smoke, the better! The rising stars of the worlds fastest growing motorsport will be competing for their chance to shine in the SupaDrift Series. XS Promotions (XSP), the leader in SA action (extreme) sports and lifestyle marketing has created the SupaDrift Series for the SA crowd and current drift fans. “Our ambitions are to conceptualise motorsports events and introduce it to patrons and the unconverted by making it fun, exciting and real-life live entertainment. A fan can expect an experience where the noise factor and tyre smoking abilities of a drifter and his machine can be transferred to the onlookers passions and thrill!’ Its gonna be a wild ride! For more information: Website Facebook

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