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  • Tips on fuel-efficient driving

    With yet another petrol price increase looming, here are some tips on fuel-efficient driving and car maintenance that will help you stretch your paycheque further. If you own a company with a fleet of cars, it’s a great idea to circulate this article through the workplace to also help in reducing company vehicle fuel expenditure. It’s as simple as making minor tweaks and changes to your daily driving habits. Here are some key points to help you get started. Drive slower: The faster you drive, the more energy (fuel) is required to maintain speed. If you drive slower, your car will use less energy and overall fuel consumption will be drastically reduced. Increasing your highway cruising speed from 90km/h to 120km/h can raise fuel consumption by as much as 20%. You can improve your fuel mileage by 10 – 15% by driving at 90km/h rather than 104km/h. Drive smoother: Aggressive accelerating and braking quickly or unnecessarily can increase fuel consumption by as much as 40%. To reduce fuel consumption, rather accelerate slowly and smoothly. When braking, apply the brakes gently or alternatively take your foot off the accelerator. Change gears properly: Changing gears at the right time can reduce fuel consumption. It’s important to change gears without putting the engine under unnecessary strain. Don’t over-rev the engine while changing gears, rather change gears smoothly to reduce fuel consumption. Change up through the gears and into top gear as soon as possible without accelerating harder than necessary. Driving in a gear lower than you need wastes fuel; so does letting the engine labour in top gear on hills and corners. Read the traffic: Anticipating the traffic and road ahead can reduce fuel consumption. For example, if a traffic light in the distance turns red, don’t speed up to it and brake suddenly to a stop. Rather reduce your speed or coast’ towards the traffic light. Be aware of traffic and the road ahead of you and drive accordingly to improve your fuel efficiency. Avoid excessive idling: Idling consumes fuel. If you are idling for longer than one minute, rather turn your engine off. The amount of fuel used to restart your engine is minimal compared to idling for long periods of time. Plan and combine trips: Planning and combining your everyday driving trips can reduce your overall fuel consumption. A single, combined trip is more economical than several, separate trips. Minimise…

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  • Dealing with car accidents

    If you read one thing today, make it this article! Here is your step-by-step guide to dealing with car accidents. From bumper bashings to 10 car pile-ups on the highway, car accidents are an everyday occurrence on South African roads. If the worst happened and you were involved in a car accident would you know what to do at the accident scene? Keep reading to learn what to do. Step 1: Stop and call for help Stop, switch on your hazards to warn other vehicles and climb out of your car if it is safe to do so. Call an ambulance and the police if passengers, drivers or pedestrians are injured. Note: You are required by law to stop your vehicle if you are involved in an accident and commuters and pedestrians are injured or killed or property is damaged. Failing to stop is considered a criminal offence. You can also be criminally charged for failing to help someone who has been hurt in an accident you are involved in, even if the accident was not your fault. Remember, however, that as much as you want to help injured people you should not administer first aid unless you are qualified to do so. Step 2: Clear the road  Move any cars that are obstructing the flow of traffic, but be sure to mark their position on the road first with chalk or spray paint if available, or to photograph the scene before the cars are moved. Note: If a person or animal has been injured in the accident do not interfere with the evidence or move any vehicles unless those vehicles are obstructing the traffic completely. Step 3: Assess the damage For insurance, purposes take photos of the accident from as many different angles as possible. Take close-up photos of any damage to your car and any other cars involved. Step 4: Questions and answers Take down the following information from all other drivers involved in the accident as well as from people who witnessed the accident: Full names and surnames ID numbers Home, cell and business phone numbers Physical addresses E-mail addresses Vehicle registration Description of the vehicles (make, model and colour) Names and contact details of the police officials, paramedics, and tow truck drivers Your location: street name and suburb The time of the accident Road conditions and visibility Remember to also take note of what happened immediately before…

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  • 2021 BMW M5 gets revised looks

    2021 BMW M5 gets revised looks and is more imposing than ever! The facelifted BMW M5 is one of the most impressive super sedans currently on sale, and this new gallery in UK specification showcases it perfectly. Compared to the pre-facelift M5, the revamped one has a revised front fascia with a new grille, more aggressive headlights, and a beefier bumper. The rear end has also been freshened up with redesigned taillights and a new diffuser. While these styling alterations are relatively minor, they do transform the look of the super sedan. Some minor tweaks have also been made to the interior, including the fitment of an enlarged 12.3-inch infotainment system complete with Android Auto and cloud-based navigation. There is also a tweaked centre console and two illuminated buttons, one for the M Mode and one for tweaking the vehicle setup. The interior of the M5 Competition pictured looks particularly impressive thanks to the luscious black leather and array of carbon fibre accents. Like the pre-facelift model, the 2021 M5 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 which in standard form is good for 592 hp and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. Competition is a little more potent as power has been increased to 617 horses. Both M5 and M5 Competition models feature an eight-speed automatic transmission sending power through an all-wheel-drive system that includes 2WD, 4WD and 4WD Sport modes. The M5 Competition hits 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.3 seconds, while the ‘regular’ M5 needs 3.4 seconds to hit the same mark. Pop into our store and have a look at our impressive range of car care products and more. For more information: Call or WhatsApp between 8am – 5pm weekdays only (082) 569-1394 | (011) 789-4411 / 011 036-0200 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. We invite you to leave us a FACEBOOK RECOMMENDATION or GOOGLE REVIEW. We would love to see your auto styling projects @RandburgMidas PLEASE NOTE: All products and prices only apply to Randburg Midas on Bram Fischer Drive (191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg)   Source + Image: https://www.carscoops.com/2020/10/2021-bmw-m5-gets-revised-looks-is-more-imposing-than-ever/

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  • The importance of good car maintenance

    In the tough economic times, we are living in today, the importance of good car maintenance is more relevant now than ever. Whether it is a company or personal car, this advice applies to all. Now is as good a time as any to make sure that you keep up-to-date with regular maintenance services, believes Les Mc Master, Chairman of the Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA). “If buying a new car isn’t a priority for financially feasible right now then ensuring your current vehicle or companies feel of vehicles is properly maintained should be,” said Mc Master. To be perfectly honest, if you own a fleet of company vehicles this article might help save you thousands of rands down the road. “Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your car and will result in a better resale price at the end of the day. It is also a cost saver as regular servicing will help you pick up smaller repairs early enough to prevent more serious and costly faults occurring further down the line.” He advises motorists to keep a close eye on the car’s manual and schedule maintenance accordingly. “Even better, set a recurring reminder on your phone to alert you to get your vehicle checked annually. Keeping up with your car’s recommended maintenance schedule can help avoid costly problems with your cooling system, drivetrain, suspension and other components.” Motorists should also ensure their car is serviced by a reputable workshop that only uses quality oil, fluids, and parts. If you are more of a DIY kind of guy and maintain your vehicle your self, the same rules apply. Only using high-quality replacement and services parts, oil and other fluids which are all readily available at affordable prices from us, at Randburg Midas. “While it might sound like an attractive option to service your car as cheaply as possible, the financial implications, in the long run, will outweigh the apparent short-term benefit. It’s never wise to scrimp on your car’s maintenance costs.” In addition to regular maintenance, there are a number of other things motorists can do to extend a car’s life. Motorists should regularly check the level of fluids in their vehicles, such as the antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. These items are conveniently available from Randburg Midas. He also advises motorists to monitor the thickness of their vehicle’s brake pad…

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  • World’s first all-female racing team

    Just in time for women’s month, we have everything you need to know about the world’s first all-female racing team, GITI angels. We want to thank Women on Wheels for the really awesome article! Females and racing are not often words that you hear together in the same sentence. There are plenty of females involved in motorsport, the most famous being Claire Williams of Williams F1, and Leena Gade who led Audi to victory multiple times in endurance racing. An all-female team though is a different story. In 2019 team Giti Angels debuted in the Nurburgring VLN racing series, they’re the world’s first all-female team and they compete globally. LEADING THE CHANGE Sponsored by Giti Tires (showing their investment in the future of motorsport) a leading supplier in race and street tires for many years, they decided to put their money behind a new team that they believed could change all previous assumptions of racing as a ‘male sport’. Giti Tire has helped fund and get the team together, but the real talent comes from the drivers and crew that keeps the car ahead of the pack. With some of the best female racing drivers and coaches looking for their chance to prove themselves, Giti racing provided the solution and they’ve been dominating the competition ever since. RACING AT THE GREEN HELL Giti Angels will once again be competing in the 2020 Nürburgring  VLN race series. The race series consists of 9 races around the Nürburgring Nordschleife track, considered by many racing drivers to be the ultimate racetrack. This track is long and dangerous, nicknamed the “Green Hell” for its history of accidents and overall dangerous racing conditions. In 2019 team Giti Angels came second overall in their division, impressive for any team, more so for a team’s first crack at a series. Ever since their debut races, the Giti Angels have been expanding their horizons to bigger and broader aspirations. The team competed in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in 2019, one of the top races around the world with teams like Audi and Porsche competing for the manufacturer title, it’s serious stuff for serious teams. Giti Angels entered this intimidating race and won their class, solidifying them as a force to be reckoned with. WHAT’S ENDURANCE RACING? The toughest level of motorsport is endurance racing, the races that run for 9, 12 and 24 hours. That’s no sleep while…

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  • Sanitisation procedure professionally done by Combat Pest Control

    We are excited to let you know our entire shop has gone through deep disinfection, steralisation and a sanitisation procedure which was professionally done by Combat Pest Control! When it comes to our customers, your safety is our number one priority! We would STRONGLY recommend this service to any other business that serves customers like: Offices and Retail Centres Schools and Academic Institutions Restaurants and Bars Clinics and Medical Centres Busses, Informal Taxis, Uber, and Trains and even Personal Homes and High-Density Flats The services offered by Combat Pest Control are scientifically proven disinfectant fogging systems that containBACATAC (didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride), a broad-spectrum disinfectant and sanitiser proven to be effective against a wide range of pathogens. Including viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycolplasma. Which is ideal for killing a massive number of pathogens in large environments like offices and retail spaces. The fog covers all contact surfaces and kills the virus on contact. The area that is treated needs to be evacuated for between 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the area be treated. For information we invite you to contact Combat Pest Control Directly on: Cell: 084 200 2700 | Contact: Jason Van Heerden | Website: johannesburgpestcontroller.co.za | jason@combatpestcontrol.co.za   Pop into our store and have a look at our impressive range of car care products and more. For more information: Call or WhatsApp between 8am – 5pm weekdays only (082) 569-1394 | (011) 789-4411 / 011 036-0200 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. We invite you to leave us a FACEBOOK RECOMMENDATION or GOOGLE REVIEW. We would love to see your auto styling projects @RandburgMidas PLEASE NOTE: All products and prices only apply to Randburg Midas on Bram Fischer Drive (191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg)

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