Road Tripping

Features on where to go road tripping, what to pack, what’s required for your Mozambique trip, safety tips and more.

  • Super luxurious RV Camper

    This super luxurious RV Camper has everything you will ever need! Anyone keen on a road trip? Thanks to Wise Wanderer for this awesome video! Think you have the best RV in town? Think again… This luxurious Rv Camper is definitely a head turner… With all these great, modern and stylish features, who would ever have a problem going on a long distance vacation? Getting stuck without petrol won’t even…

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  • Traveling with your dog

    If you are anything like us, we love travelling with our beloved pooches! So, in this awesome video, we give you 6 tips that will make traveling with your dog so much easier. To start, we would like to give a shout out to Pop Sugar and say a special thank you for sharing this informative video The hardest part about traveling is having to leave your pup behind, but if you’re considering taki…

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  • DVR in-car cam

    Never miss a moment again with the awesome DVR in-car cam. Record and capture every moment with this crystal clear car cam! Your videos and photos will never be the same! Become the envy of all your friends with this incredible DVR in-car cam that is available from Randburg Midas right now! Call us today call on (011) 789-4411 or email for more information. Connect with u…

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  • Top 10 genius car hacks

    In this informative video we take a look at the top 10 genius car hacks for traveling with small kids. We would like to start by giving a shout out to Awestruck for the awesome video. I am sure every parent will agree that traveling with your little ones can sometime be a nightmare! If you follow these simple but effective car travel hacks, your next trip will be a walk in the park, or in this cas…

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  • Did you know by law you must carry a red triangle

    Did you know that by law, you must carry a red triangle in your vehicle according to regulation 214 #Roadtripping If you don’t currently have a red warning triangle, head over to Randburg Midas and get one today! Question: Is it now the law to carry a red triangle in your car? Answer: Regulation 214 of the National Road Traffic Regulations 93 of 1996 provides that motor cars first registered on 1s…

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  • Is your car road trip ready?

    Is your car road trip ready? Well if you are not sure, don’t worry because we have put together this awesome article to help you! Don’t forget for ALL your travel requirements, come and see us at Randburg Midas and we will make sure you are ready for the trip of a lifetime. How to prepare a car for a long road trip A long trip is a serious test for your car and even a small problem such as a worn …

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