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Articles on how to use your power tool to tackles those DIY projects that you have been waiting to do.

  • What is a Torque Wrench

    What is a Torque Wrench? It is a specially calibrated tool that is used to accurately tighten a fastener to a given torque #Powertools If you are in the market for a new torque wrench or if you would just like to know more about this tool and how it works, Randburg Midas is your go to shop. The torque wrench measures the amount of twisting force applied to the nut, bolt or screw that is being fastened. The wrench will be equipped with either a scale or dial attached which shows the applied pressure, featured on the rigid & flexible beam type torque wrenches. Ratchet or snap type torque wrenches have a ratcheting mechanism that releases or “snaps” when the selected pressure has been reached. For more information on our impressive range of car care products and more, please contact us www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Google+ | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest Source: http://www.diyspaceexploration.com/use-torque-wrench/

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  • Cutting it like a Boss

    A ceramic tile cutter is not the manliest tool, but that will all change when anyone sees you picking up a ceramic tile and cutting it like a boss #Powertools Randburg Midas have the perfect tools for every DIY project, and if we don’t have it we will get it for you! A ceramic tile cutter is a hand-powered tool for making straight cuts on glazed ceramic tile. It includes a base with a slight rise down its centerline, supports at each end of the base that hold one or two rigid rails and a scriber with a breaking bar and scoring wheel that slides along the rails. It also has a fixed fence and adjustable try square that holds tile in place for cutting. A tile cutter makes quick work of cutting tiles to fit borders and edges. Mark the tile with the marker where you want to cut it. Place the tile against the cutter’s fence with the glazed side facing upward. Line up the cut mark on the tile with the raised center line of the base. Adjust the try square to hold the tile in alignment for cutting. In most cases, the try square is held in place by thumbscrews or wingnuts. If cutting multiple tiles to the same size, leave the try square in place until all tiles have been cut. Lightly oil the cutting wheel of the scriber. Set the scriber’s cutting wheel on the tile edge closest to you. Push the scriber away from you down the rails until you come to the end of the rails, putting mild downward pressure on the scriber handle as you push. Make one firm push to score the surface of the tile. Don’t pull the scriber back toward you. Position the breaker bar at the far end of the tile. Normally, when you complete the scoring stroke, the breaker bar on the back of the scriber will automatically be in the correct position. Press down firmly on the scriber handle to snap the tile in half along the scored line. For more information contact us. www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Source: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/use-ceramic-tile-cutters-25512.html

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  • What is a Vernier Caliper

    What is a Vernier caliper? We will break it down for you This might not be a power tool but it is still a powerful tool to have #Powertools A Vernier caliper (or Vernier) is a common used tool to accurately determine the fraction part of the least count division. The Vernier is a convenient tool to use when measuring the length of an object, the outer diameter (OD) of a round or cylindrical object, the inner diameter (ID) of an oil filter, and the depth of a hole. The Vernier caliper is used in length measurements to gain an additional digit of accuracy compared to a simple ruler. A Vernier caliper is a measuring tool. It can make inside, outside, or depth measurements .It is marked in both USCS and metric divisions called a Vernier scale. A Vernier scale consists of a stationary scale and a movable scale, in this case from the Vernier scale. A Vernier scale has a movable scale that is parallel to fixed scale .These precision measuring instruments are capable of measuring outside and inside diameters and most will even measure depth. Vernier calipers are available in both imperial and metric scales. The main scale of the caliper is divided into inches, most measure up to 6 inches. Each is divided into 10 parts, each equal to 0.001 inch. The area between the 0.00i marks is divided into four. Each of these divisions is equal to 0.025 inches. If this all still sounds like French, pop in and we will give you a hands on demonstration. Randburg Midas stock digital and normal Verniers. For more information please contact us www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Source: http://www.tresnainstrument.com/what_is_vernier_caliper.html

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  • What was he thinking?

    Some people should not be allowed to operate power tools, what was he thinking? Or maybe they should just not film themselves Watch this #Powertools #Fail For professional advice on how to use power tools, speak to us at Midas Randburg. We also carry a wide range of power tools to help you get those DIY projects sorted. For more information please contact us. www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Source: Innovative Marketing

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  • Basics of Arc Welding

    Basics of Arc Welding is a topic that could go on for days, but here is a basic version of how to use an Arc Welder #Powertool At Midas Randburg we stock a variety of different welding machines from Arc to Tig. For more information on what welder machine would suite your needs, give us a call or come and see us www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. The “arc” in “arc welder” is an electric arc. It is the same arc seen in an “arc light” and it creates tremendous heat. There is enough heat to melt steel, so it makes a good welding system. To weld with an arc welder you connect one clamp (the ground clamp) from the machine to the pieces of metal you are welding together. The other clamp connects to the welding rod. With the arc welder on, you touch the welding rod to the metal and pull it away a few millimeters to create the arc. Moving this arc over the seam in a zigzag pattern will melt the metal and fuse the two pieces together. The welding machine itself is basically a big transformer. It is producing a relatively low voltage and a high current Source: http://blogs.howstuffworks.com/keep-asking/how-do-arc-welders-work.htm

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  • Power tool fails & Safety tips

    Watch these power tool fails & safety tips to make your life much easier. But in the wrong hands they can be life threatening #Powertool At Midas Randburg we stock a large range of power tools, perfect for the DIY man. As well as larger power tools for anyone looking to tackle those bigger jobs. Contact us today www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 BRAM FISCHER DRIVE RANDBURG The right power tools make it faster, easier and more efficient to complete DIY home improvement projects and other tasks. They also allow homeowners to produce more professional results. These days, there are power tools for nearly every type of home improvement task. Power tools cut, drill, sand, grind and perform many other functions. By investing in a selection of power tools, a homeowner will always have what he needs to get the job done quickly. As effective and efficient as they are, power tools are also extremely dangerous. Every year, thousands of people are seriously injured while using power tools, which is why it’s crucial to be aware of the top power tool safety tips. Always Use the Right Tool for the Job Misusing a power tool is extremely hazardous. It is important to always use the right tool for the job. If the right tool isn’t available, it should be purchased. The manufacturer will outline the tasks that a tool is designed to accomplish in the owner’s manual. If a person is uncertain about whether a tool is appropriate or not, he should err on the side of caution. Thoroughly Read the Instructions Many people take their power tools out of the box and start using them immediately. Even if a person has experience with using a particular type of power tool, he should still sit down and read the instructions thoroughly. Some models have different specifications than others. Some are designed to accomplish different things. Furthermore, variations between power tools can result in different risks. For example, different precautions apply when using an electric power tool as opposed to a gas power tool. Similarly, different safety measures need to be taken when using a cordless power tool as opposed to a power tool that has a cord. By reading the instructions, a person will learn everything he needs to know about the power tool and may even pick up a few extra tips. Keep Fingers Away from On/Off Switches…

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