Power Tools

Articles on how to use your power tool to tackles those DIY projects that you have been waiting to do.

  • Low prices on compressor kits

    Be blown away by the extra low prices on air compressor kits available exclusively from Randburg Midas! If you have been considering getting a compressor, you are in luck because Randburg Midas have got Matair Air Compressor kits going at ridiculously low prices. Make sure you get yours while stocks last at these low prices. For more information on our impressive range of car care products and mor…

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  • How to use a Jigsaw

    Buy your Jigsaw from us at Randburg Midas then learn how to use it like a pro! We have the perfect power tools to help you tackle and master any DIY project! In our opinion, the jigsaw ranks a close second to the cordless drill as must have do-it-yourself power tools. They are very versatile and work perfectly for around the house fixes and small wood working projects. Even if you’ve never used a …

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  • 12 Tools every guy should own

    There is a tool for every job! Here are the top 12 Tools every Guy should own #Powertools There’s a big world (OK, your home) that needs fixing, and these 12 tools are just what you need to do the job. Regardless of what you need you can be sure to get it at Randburg Midas! Claw Hammer A good, solid hammer can be used for driving nails into wood as well as small demolition jobs. My old man w…

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  • What is a Torque Wrench

    What is a Torque Wrench? It is a specially calibrated tool that is used to accurately tighten a fastener to a given torque #Powertools If you are in the market for a new torque wrench or if you would just like to know more about this tool and how it works, Randburg Midas is your go to shop. The torque wrench measures the amount of twisting force applied to the nut, bolt or screw that is being fast…

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  • Cutting it like a Boss

    A ceramic tile cutter is not the manliest tool, but that will all change when anyone sees you picking up a ceramic tile and cutting it like a boss #Powertools Randburg Midas have the perfect tools for every DIY project, and if we don’t have it we will get it for you! A ceramic tile cutter is a hand-powered tool for making straight cuts on glazed ceramic tile. It includes a base with a slight rise …

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  • What is a Vernier Caliper

    What is a Vernier caliper? We will break it down for you This might not be a power tool but it is still a powerful tool to have #Powertools A Vernier caliper (or Vernier) is a common used tool to accurately determine the fraction part of the least count division. The Vernier is a convenient tool to use when measuring the length of an object, the outer diameter (OD) of a round or cylindrical object…

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