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Articles on all things motor liquid related including: Oil, 2 Stroke, Hydraulic and Brake Fluids, Anti-Freeze and all types of additives.

  • SpillFix picks up all automotive fluids

    Seeing is believing and this amazing video goes to prove just that. Watch how SpillFix picks up all automotive fluids without any hassle. Randburg Midas are official distributors of SpillFix products. So make sure you come past and get some today. To learn more about their amazing products and to watch more videos please visit www.spillfix.com Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button for …

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  • Synthetic vs Mineral oil

    In this short informative video we take a quick look at what the difference is between Synthetic vs Mineral Oil. We would like to start by giving a shout and say thank you to Motul for this great video Regardless if you are looking for a Mineral, Semi-Synthetic for Fully Synthetic engine oil Randburg Midas will be able to help you A lubricant is said to be ‘mineral’ when it is based on…

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  • The jungle of lubricant standards

    This educational video will guide you through the jungle of lubricant standards and will get you to know everything you need to know! Lubricants have a number of different standards to make it easier to compare competing car or motorcycle oils. This will also help ensure the motorcycle or car oil you are buying is safe and reliable. Each of them have they own acronym: API, ILSAC, ACEA, JASO, OEM. …

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  • Choosing the right oil for your car

    Choosing the right oil for your car: In this video Castrol show how GTX works to protect your engine. As a vehicle’s mileage increases, the engine can become susceptible to sludge. Castrol GTX’s double-action formula cleans away existing sludge and then protects the engine from sludge reoccurring. At Randburg Midas we stock a wide range of oils to insure we have just what your car need…

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  • Is your car winter ready?

    Is your car winter ready? Yes I am talking to you… When last did you change or top-up your car’s anti-freeze? With winter here it’s the perfect time. So what are you waiting for, head to Randburg Midas and get some now! If you not 100% sure what anti-freeze does, here is a little explanation: Antifreeze is a liquid that is added to the water in an engine’s cooling system in order to lower th…

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  • Wynn’s injector cleaner

    Watch this video to see how you can give your car that extra boost. Get Wynn’s injector cleaner from Randburg Midas and experience the difference – SEE THE VIDEO HERE! #MidasLiquids To keep your car running perfectly, maintenance MUST be your number 1 priority. For more information on our impressive range of car care products and more, please contact us www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-44…

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