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  • Can washing be harmful to our cars

    To wash or not to wash is the question? We all like our cars to shine, but can washing be harmful to our cars #Carwash How Often Should You Wash Your Car? Beware Birds And Dead Bugs Those ugly splatters are more than just nuisances. Sure, they block our vision and look pretty gross but did you know they could also damage your car? If you leave them unattended they can eat away at the paint and even eat into the metal beneath, so make sure to clean them up as quickly as possible Consider Your Geography If you live near the shore, salt in the air can wreck havoc not only with the finish of your car but it can really do a number on your undercarriage. Salt air can seep into crevices and rust the metal so if you live in a salty climate, it’s important not only to wash the surface of your car but to wash out the undercarriage. Air Pollution Is Just As Bad For Your Car As It Is For You Do a lot of city driving? The pollution in the air – especially if it rains – can create an acidic environment that will eat away at the finish of your car. After a good rain you may not feel compelled to wash your car – after all, Mother Nature just helped you out. But even after the rain dries, acidic chemicals remain on the surface of your car. Those little water marks you see can become permanent and mar the paint unless you remove them. The Verdict Now you can see why the answer to, “How often should I wash my car?” is, “It depends!” But here is a general rule of thumb: If you live inland in an area where your car is free of salty air and sand, and if you don’t have to contend too many bird droppings and dead bugs, you can wash your car about once a month and still keep it in good shape. If you live in a polluted environment, near a salty coast or in a wooded area, once a week may be your best bet. Otherwise, a couple of times a month is a good bet to ensure that you’re not waiting too long to get rid of harmful chemicals, residues, salt, sand, tar, grease and grime. For more information on care products…

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  • A PERFECT wash in 5 minutes

    You CAN get a perfect wash in 5 minutes with Randburg Midas #MotorBikes Randburg Midas not only carries the full range of Motul Engine oils, we also carry the full Motul Care Range as well! Technology now allows you to complete this operation in a breeze and without tiring yourself. The secret to make your motorcycle or scooter look new is called Motul Wash, a biodegradable product specially formulated to effectively clean and protect all the metallic and plastic parts of your motorcycle. As Moto Wash is to be rinsed off with lots of water, choose an appropriate place or one equipped with a pressure washer. In this case, avoid directly spraying the electrical parts, bearings and mechanical joints. In all cases, protect exhaust pipe outlets so as to avoid getting water in them. Using its two-position sprayer, apply Moto Wash on the dirtiest part, especially around the chain. It’s special formula easily dissolves lubricant residues without damaging rubber parts such as chain O-rings. Once you have applied Moto Wash, leave it for five minutes so that it has time to act and does all the work itself. Then all you have to do is rinse it off with plenty of water. For more information on our range of bike products and more, please contact us www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Google+ | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest Source: https://www.motul.com/us/en-us/community/454

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  • How to keep your car spotless: Waxing during summer

    Summer is just around the corner, so here is some advice on how to keep your car spotless:  Waxing during summer #Carwash Randburg Midas carry a wide range of car care products. So whatever your needs are, we have a product that will work for you. Car waxing often takes place during the summer months, when there is more daylight available, and you have more time to spend outside in the sun. Waxing during dry weather is important, as unless you are using a high-quality paste, the wax needs time to dry out before it is fully able to protect the car. If you wax your car during the summer, there are some temperatures you should avoid. Any day above 26 degrees Celsius will not be a good day to try and wax your car. Try not to place your car in direct sunlight while waxing, and avoid intense heat. The best time of day to wax the car during summer is definitely in the evening, so that the car has several hours of darkness to fully dry before being exposed to the mid-day sun. For more information on our impressive range of car care products and more, please contact us www.midasrandburg.co.za | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Google+ | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest Source: http://www.carsdirect.com/car-maintenance/car-waxing-temperature-understanding-the-best-time-to-wax-your-car

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  • Three do’s and don’ts of car washing

    Follow these three do’s and don’ts of car washing to save you from potentially damaging your car #Carwash Speak to us for products to clean your car at Midas Randburg | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg | (011) 789-4411 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za You put a lot of effort into looking good, so it’s no surprise that you want your ride to look good, too. The best way to do this is a good, thorough wash with lots of attention to detail. Some car washing chemicals can be irritating to skin and to the planet, so look for eco-friendly ones (yes, they do exist), if you’re concerned about the environment. Don’t want it to be boring? Get a friend to help you, then go do something fun in your squeaky clean whip. Prepare for spring with these 3 Car Washing Dos and Don’ts. Do Wear comfortable clothes that don’t have metal zippers or snaps on them while you wash your ride. You don’t want to scratch your paint when you’re leaning up the side to reach the roof — especially if your ride is a big bukkie. Don’t Forget to take your jewelry off before you start washing. If you wear rings, watches, necklaces, a belt, or anything else that could potentially scratch the paint — leave it inside. There’s time enough for style when your ride is clean. Do Use diluted baby shampoo to get bird shit off your paint as soon as possible, even if you don’t have time to wash your car right away. It’s gentle enough for babies, and it breaks that nasty stuff up quickly so you can wipe it away. It’s also specially effective if you have birds in your area that have been eating alarmingly bright berries. Don’t Let the baby shampoo stay on the car too long — especially in the sun. We’re not sure this is a possibility, but we don’t want you run the risk of having areas of faded paint on your ride. Do Read the directions on the car care products you use. Some might have special tips about how to achieve the best results with that company’s products. Others might have a specific time that they want you to wait before rinsing — or buffing, in the case of leather creams and car waxes. Don’t Just use any old cleaner on your precious car’s paint (or on the seats). Baby…

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  • Remove smoke stains from a car

    Know how to remove smoke stains from a car is a great skill to master. Make sure to keep your car in show and shine condition #Carwash For all of your car cleaning needs, speak to our friendly staff at Randburg Midas. Unfortunately, there is no easy cleaning method for smoke stains of this type. The method you should use depends on the condition of the ceiling fabric and the adhesive holding it up. The rest of the upholstery should be more durable, but even that can easily be damaged if it’s weak or compromised (as might be the case with continued exposure to smoke). As a result, you should be extremely careful as you work. Start with gentle motions and test as inconspicuously as possible to prevent damaging your vehicle’s interior. You Will Need: A foam upholstery cleaner Sponge Water Vacuum Steps to Remove the Stain: Begin by vacuuming all areas of the car that are going to be cleaned. This will remove any loose dirt or dust. Spray foam upholstery cleaner, following the directions and precautions on the can. For best results, choose a product specified for automotive use. Use a damp sponge to scrub carpets, seats, and the more durable stained fabrics (not the ceiling). Rinse the sponge frequently with clean water. Allow the upholstery cleaner to remain on the ceiling for a while (or as directed on the label) to give it more time to work. Gently dab or wipe the dry foam away. Repeat as needed. Additional Tips and Advice An alternative method is to use a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment.  However, the suction action of the steam cleaner could separate the ceiling fabric from the roof of the car, so use extreme caution if you attempt to do this. Avoid scrubbing the ceiling. Using pressure may cause piling or separation. Most vehicle seats can withstand gentle scrubbing action without damage to the upholstery. For best results, ensure that the area to be cleaned is free of loose debris, dust, and grime before you begin. If the stains are not removed with the cleaner, try pre-treating it with some vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will cut through the nicotine that leaves the dark staining. Test a small area first to ensure there are no unwanted results. If you have any adverse effects on the test areas or problems with the fabric separating from…

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  • Cleaning Your 4×4 after Mudding

    Cleaning your 4×4 after mudding is not fun or an easy task, but if you follow these tips it will be done in no time #Carwash Randburg Midas has an impressive range of cleaning products, and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we will get it especially for you. Mudding is awesome! Man and machine against Mother Nature. It’s fun, it’s dirty, but it is a chore to clean your rig. Mud gets everywhere and as soon as you think you’ve got it all there’s more. Here is some advice for getting your rig clean after she’s all muddy. The sooner, the better. Mud is different everywhere. In some regions it’s thin and watery; in others it’s thick like wet concrete. No matter what type of mud your rig is covered in the sooner you wash it off, the easier it will come off. This is simple common sense, but for a few drivers out there this goes against natural instinct. Driving around town with a truck covered in mud is like a badge of honor. But, soon as that mud dries it literally can become like concrete in your undercarriage. My advice is as soon as you’re done mudding go wash your truck. Use high pressure. Cleaning your rig is chore, speed up the process and use some muscle with high pressure. There are two options to consider when it comes to washing with high pressure. Pressure Washer: This is the best choice if you have the space (yard or drive way) and the money to invest. Don’t forget, all that mud has to go somewhere – after you’re done cleaning your 4×4 you’ll most likely need to clean your driveway. Be cautious, higher PSI and paint don’t play nice together. You can also buy a U-Shaped attachment for your pressure washer to easier reach the undercarriage. Car Wash: A DIY car wash is great because the pressure is higher than using a standard hose and you don’t have to clean up! Another bonus is many car washers have a warm water rinse which makes mud removal easier. Don’t forget under the hood. The engine bay is an area of much debate on how to clean. Depending on the age of your vehicle there is going to be anywhere from a little to a lot of precious electronics under there – which you DO NOT want soaking…

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