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Can washing be harmful to our cars

Can washing be harmful to our cars

Can washing be harmful to our cars

To wash or not to wash is the question? We all like our cars to shine, but can washing be harmful to our cars #Carwash

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Beware Birds And Dead Bugs

Those ugly splatters are more than just nuisances. Sure, they block our vision and look pretty gross but did you know they could also damage your car?

If you leave them unattended they can eat away at the paint and even eat into the metal beneath, so make sure to clean them up as quickly as possible

Consider Your Geography

If you live near the shore, salt in the air can wreck havoc not only with the finish of your car but it can really do a number on your undercarriage.

Salt air can seep into crevices and rust the metal so if you live in a salty climate, it’s important not only to wash the surface of your car but to wash out the undercarriage.

Air Pollution Is Just As Bad For Your Car As It Is For You

Do a lot of city driving?

The pollution in the air – especially if it rains – can create an acidic environment that will eat away at the finish of your car. After a good rain you may not feel compelled to wash your car – after all, Mother Nature just helped you out. But even after the rain dries, acidic chemicals remain on the surface of your car.

Those little water marks you see can become permanent and mar the paint unless you remove them.

The Verdict

Now you can see why the answer to, “How often should I wash my car?” is, “It depends!”

But here is a general rule of thumb:

If you live inland in an area where your car is free of salty air and sand, and if you don’t have to contend too many bird droppings and dead bugs, you can wash your car about once a month and still keep it in good shape.

If you live in a polluted environment, near a salty coast or in a wooded area, once a week may be your best bet.

Otherwise, a couple of times a month is a good bet to ensure that you’re not waiting too long to get rid of harmful chemicals, residues, salt, sand, tar, grease and grime.

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