Braai the perfect steak

Braai the perfect steak

How to braai the perfect steak by following these steps. You will be sure to impress your friends #NutsandBolts4Breakfast

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Even with the cold weather of late I still managed to braai this week and what I decided to do was braai massive pieces of rump steak or what some people call “Texas Steak”

It’s a very simple thing to cook a great steak but it’s just as easy to murder a great piece of meat. If you follow the simple instructions below you shouldn’t go wrong.

Serves 2 – prep: 2 minutes (1hr marinating if you must) – cook time: 6-8 mins


  • 1 x 800g or LARGER Texas Steak, as South Africans we love our meat large.
  • Sea Salt or a marinade of your choice if you must but these steaks just don’t need anything added
  • 2 x potatoes to bake on the Braai
  • Salads of your choice


  • Preheat the braai to about 300°C (550°F)
  • Get the Braai as hot as you can
  • Ideally you need a lid to cook this way as this stops the flames from rising to high and just burning the meat
  • Season the meat to your choice (see image below)
  • If you are using a marinade, always give it at least an hour to absorb the spices
  • Make sure that the meat is rested and not to cold, don’t cook straight from the fridge always let it come up to room temp
  • The trick when cooking a steak is not to turn it to often, once on each side and the just a quick turn again to put those great diagonal burns in the meat.
  • For a steak of this size 850g I cooked it only for 4 minutes on each side to get a medium rare steak. Add or subtract a minute on each side depending on if you want to go up or down the cooking scale. This usually works a treat for me, resulting in a steak landing on my plate just the way I want it.
  • BIG TIP, always let the meat rest for at least 5 minutes after it comes off the braai so that it relaxes and reabsorbs the juices. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

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Source: foodilove.info

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