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  • Warm Water on The Go

    There is nothing worse than not having warm water on the go while camping. Well we have the perfect solution for that #MidasOutdoors Randburg Midas is pleased to be adding these new awesome camping whistle kettles to their extensive camping range. The uses for hot water are endless, here are a few practical uses: Coffee & tea Cooking Cleaning dishes Sterilising equipment Purifying water Visit us and buy yours today! Phone: 27 11 789-4411 Fax: 27 11 789-1448 Email: randburgmidas@midas.co.za Working hours and days 8:00 – 17:00 mon-fri and 8:00 – 13:00 sat Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest

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  • Oil Change is essential and easy

    When it comes to car maintenance knowing how to do an oil change is essential and easy #MidasServiceParts You don’t always need to change your car’s oil entirely. Sometimes you will only need to perform a top-up to keep your car running smoothly. When you need to change your oil, you can do it yourself – it doesn’t take long and is easy with the right tools. Otherwise contact your local workshop and they can do it for you. How to change your oil yourself Changing your car oil is easier than it sounds and could also save you money in the long term. It shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes – just make sure that you follow your manufacturer’s specific instructions and safety directions. Firstly, choose the ideal oil for your car which is available at Randburg Midas. Then check you have the necessary tools. You’ll need: The entire below list of products is available at Randburg Midas Engine Oil (4 or 5 litres – check owner’s manual) New oil filter – check owner’s manual Safety glasses and rubber gloves Plastic container and funnel Car jack and jack stands Drain plug socket wrench Paper towels and a rag Oil filter wrench What you have to do: Prepare your car The car should be on a level surface with the parking brake on and engine off, leaving the oil to cool for a few minutes. If you need space under the car, jack it up and use jack stands to support it. Jacks on their own are very unstable – never get under your car without using jack stands. You could also put something underneath the engine to prevent spilling oil onto the ground. Unscrew the oil cap Locate the oil cap (check with the manual to locate it) and unscrew it. This is very important, as a vacuum will not allow all the oil to drain out. Locate the oil drain plug Get underneath the car and locate the oil drain plug. This is a lone bolt at the bottom of the oil sump. Place the container Place a container big enough to hold the oil beneath the oil drain plug and unscrew the plug, being careful not to let it fall into the container. Do not come in contact with the oil – it can be extremely hot. Drain out the old oil Allow all the oil to drain…

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    For this week’s #FollowUs we are highlighting our Twitter account To be kept updated on all things vehicle related including: service information, DIY, car care, power tool, spares, news, sports, educational posts and much more, be sure to follow us on our Twitter account. Username @RandburgMidas Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest

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