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  • Emergency battery jump start

    There is nothing worse than getting stuck with a flat battery and no one to help you jump start your car. Don’t worry, Randburg Midas has the perfect solution to help your emergency battery jump start #MidasPower The portable 12-volt power pack has 1001 uses. This high capacity compact, rechargeable unit will go anywhere to start a car all connectors and adaptors supplied. 900 amps peak output at 12-volts, 400 amps boost for rundown vehicle batteries. Sealed, maintenance free battery for maximum capacity & safe operation. Battery condition & charge level indicator. Integral work-light for night time operation. ENGINE START SIZE DIESEL – UP TO 3L ENGINE START SIZE PETROL – UP TO 3L Source: www.bidorbuy.co.za Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest

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  • Seven Tips for Cleaning Alloy Wheels

    Here is a list of seven tips for cleaning alloy wheels that will get you to be show and shine ready in no time #Carwash Come and speak to us at Randburg Midas for all of your car cleaning and detailing needs. Alloy wheels look great, but cleaning alloy wheels and keeping them maintained can be stressful. They experience considerable damage from everyday road use. The dust that settles on them from brake pad and brake shoe wear and tear, road salt, tar, and other elements can scratch the once-bright surface, and can even become acidic and pit the surface permanently. Washing alloy wheels has been a topic discussed for decades, and everything from ‘folk remedies’ to professional advice has been thrown about for possible solutions. Automobile manufacturers will often tell you to just use soap and water, but you will have to do this often to keep damage from occurring, or you can just use a spray washer every couple of days to keep them cleaned off. Aside from soap and water, the following are some of the most effective tips for keeping your alloy wheels looking great. Homemade solutions can range from lemon juice to Coca Cola and are just that–word-of-mouth (and not guaranteed) remedies. For wheels in good shape, leave lemon juice on them for 10 minutes and then rinse off. For rust spots, wet some aluminum foil with Coca Cola and lightly sand the wheels. For grease, try soaking your wheels in a tub of white or cider vinegar. For deeper problems, Oxy-Gel kitchen cleaner can also be used. It is an oxygenated bleach, however, so take care with it. Standard over-the-counter alloy wheel cleaners abound. Some of the more often recommended include Tesco, Eagle One, Meguiars Hot Rims, Planet Polish’s Wheel Seal and Shine, or Castrol Superclean. A standard tar and bug remover can be used to prevent permanent tar stains, such as Autoglym Tar Remover. Look for the more unique products out there, such as Mothers Power Ball or Flitz Power Ball, which are attachments for your power drill that will polish your wheels. It’s recommended that you operate these at lower RPMs (300-400), with at least an 18V drill, for maximum effectiveness. Never use abrasive cleaners, polishing compounds, or steel wool to clean alloy wheels. Use a specially made alloy wheel brush if you must use one. Automatic car washes sometimes use acid-based cleaners or…

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  • The Ultimate Power Tool Checklist

    We have put together the ultimate power tool checklist. There will be no project too big or small for you to handle #Powertool For all of your power tool needs, come and see us at Randburg Midas. Power tools make household repairs, individual tasks, and construction projects considerably easier. Different uses dictate the specific power tools that should be on hand, but having the right tool for an unplanned repair or impromptu project saves the hassle of a trip to the local home center. Manufacturers produce a power tool for just about any application. Some are hand-held and portable while others are freestanding. Portable power tools offer convenience and versatility while table mounted tools produce more accurately cut or shaped products. They may be battery powered or plug in to a wall or generator outlet. By planning homeowners can stock their workbenches with a variety of equipment to cover an extensive array of projects. Do-it-yourselfers and handypersons alike will find dozens of uses for the power tools below. Air Compressor A power tool that pressurizes and emits blasts of air, an air compressor can power such devices as paint sprayers and impact wrenches. For homeowners with lots of square footage to paint, a sprayer attachment on the air compressor can cover it as much as 10 times faster than a brush alone. Bandsaw Most models of this electrically powered tool are free standing due to the accuracy required for most applications, but hand-held bandsaws are also on the market. The tool cuts by virtue of a continuous, single-edged metal saw blade. A bandsaw is a handy power tool to have in the home workshop for cutting wood and metal shapes as required for various woodworking and crafts, from cutting house numbers to tracing letters for signage. Belt Sander Some belt sander models are hand-held, and the operator moves the sander over the wood surface to prepare it for finer finishing work. Stationary belt sanders can be free standing or mounted on a workbench. The operator moves wood across the circulating sanding belt on a stationary sander. This electrically powered tool is a must for rough finishing furniture, doors, or trim. It also removes old finishes quickly and effectively. Ceramic Tile Cutter Tile repair and bathroom remodeling are not infrequent occurrences in many homes, and those in possession of ceramic tile cutters need not break a sweat on these types of projects. Like belt sanders,…

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