Basics of Arc Welding

Basics of Arc Welding

Basics of Arc Welding is a topic that could go on for days, but here is a basic version of how to use an Arc Welder #Powertool

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The “arc” in “arc welder” is an electric arc. It is the same arc seen in an “arc light” and it creates tremendous heat. There is enough heat to melt steel, so it makes a good welding system.

To weld with an arc welder you connect one clamp (the ground clamp) from the machine to the pieces of metal you are welding together. The other clamp connects to the welding rod. With the arc welder on, you touch the welding rod to the metal and pull it away a few millimeters to create the arc. Moving this arc over the seam in a zigzag pattern will melt the metal and fuse the two pieces together.

The welding machine itself is basically a big transformer. It is producing a relatively low voltage and a high current

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