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  • Top 10 genius car hacks

    This video on 10 genius car hacks for travelling with small kids is going to revolutionise your next road trip with the littles ones. Boom your welcome! Take your family vacation to the next level with these time-saving, mess-free Road Trip Hacks! With these hacks, you can organise your road trips with hanging back seat storage, entertain your kids with a DIY Lego Kit and DIY Magnetic Chalkboard, and keep the car clean with a spill-proof jar! Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button for more awesome content! For more information: Call or WhatsApp between 8am – 5pm weekdays only (082) 569-1394 | (011) 789-4411 / 011 036-0200 | marco@midasrandburg.co.za | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. We invite you to leave us a FACEBOOK RECOMMENDATION or GOOGLE REVIEW. We would love to see your auto styling projects @RandburgMidas ‘TCs current stock price | While stock lasts PLEASE NOTE: All products and prices only apply to Randburg Midas on Bram Fischer Drive (191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg)

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  • 6 Tips to clean leather car seats

    In this epic article, we take a look at the top 6 tips to clean leather car seats! Car leather upholstery adds value to the vehicle. It makes your car look aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. However, if not properly maintained or cleaned, these leather car seats might become a source of embarrassment. It is quite common for people to pay exquisite attention to the cleaning of their car’s exterior. However, the same cannot be said about interiors. People often wait for months before getting their upholstery clean because they are under the impression that they cannot manage the task themselves. This is far from reality. If you want clean leather car seats, there is not much you will need. The right cleaning material will make things easier for you and also save a ton of money. Some Tips Of Value For Clean Leather Car Seats If you are under the misconception that you can only get clean leather car seats by getting the vehicle cleaned professionally, let us clear things out. You can clean the seats yourself as well, provided you know the right method to do so. Tip No.1: Use A High-Quality All-Purpose Cleaner This is something most people are apprehensive about. While everyone wants clean leather car seats, they are reluctant to use cleaners due to fear of chemicals’ effects. This fear is not unwarranted. However, you should endeavour to use a high-quality cleaner meant specifically for car leather. Which you can easily get from us right here at Randburg Midas! It is also a good idea to test the cleaner before applying it to your leather seats. Use some of the cleaners on a small part of your seat that is not very visible and make sure that it is safe for use. Another method of using a cleaner is to spray it on a cleaning cloth to wipe the car leather seat. This will allow you to gauge the effects of the cleaner accurately. Take a close look at the ingredients of the cleaner. Avoid using those products that comprise toxic and harmful chemicals since they would do more harm than good. If you are reluctant to use commercial cleaners, you have the option of making your own cleaning solution. All that you have to do is mix liquid dishwashing soap with some warm water in a ratio of 5:1. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the seat surfaces with…

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