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August 2016 - Midas Randburg

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    Happy Heritage Day 2016 South Africa! Try our bacon, pineapple and sweet chilli burger BRAAI RECIPE in celebration of braai day! Thanks to Braai Recipes for the great recipe! WHAT YOU NEED (feeds 4) FOR THE SWEET CHILLI SAUCE 5 chillies (any type or a combination, with a few extra on standby) 2 cloves garlic (crushed or chopped) 1/2 cup cider vinegar (or rice vinegar or white grape vinegar) 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup sugar 1 tsp salt 1 tsp soy sauce 1/2 tot cornflour mixed with 1/2 tot water FOR THE BURGER 1 kg beef mince (buy steak and mince at home or ask your butcher) 4 hamburger rolls salt and pepper (freshly ground) 1 packet streaky bacon (250 g) 1 pineapple (peeled and sliced into rings) butter (for the rolls) 1 cup mozzarella cheese (grated) salad leaves tomato (sliced) WHAT TO DO MAKE THE SWEET CHILLI SAUCE Chop the chillies finely. If you don’t want too much burn in the sauce, remove some or all of the seeds. If you like it hot, leave the seeds in. If you think the chillies you have are quite mild, use more than 5 chillies. If you think the chillies you have are particularly potent, use your common sense and good luck! Throw the chopped chillies, garlic, vinegar, water, sugar, salt and soy sauce into a small flameproof pan or potjie, then stir well and bring to a simmer over some coals or a few flames. Naturally this can also be done on a stove. Simmer for about 6 minutes, until the sugar has dissolved completely; the exact time will obviously depend on your coals or flames. Mix the half tot of cornflour with a half tot of water in a suitable cup, glass or mug. Add the cornflour mixture to the sauce and stir until the sauce gets thicker. This will take about 1 minute. The sauce is now ready. Remove from the fire, let it cool slightly while you braai the meat and then serve. MAKE THE BURGER Form the mince into 4 evenly sized patties with your hands and flatten out. When you braai the patties, the biggest challenge is keeping them in one piece. Put them down very gently on the grid, do not press on them, do not handle them any more than is necessary, and turn them with extreme care. Start on very high heat to seal them quickly, hopefully before they have…

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  • Choose the best motor lubricant in South Africa

    Did you know that Randburg Midas stock Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 – which has been voted as the best motor lubricant in South Africa! Randburg Midas stock the full range of Castrol motor lubrication products. So you can rested assured we have correct oil to meet your cars specifications. Benefits and specification of Castrol Magnatec: Uses part-synthetic technology Clings to your engine forming an extra layer that protects during warm-up and beyond Bonds to metal surfaces making engine parts more resistant to wear Provides superior performance under extreme cold start up conditions Is Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 A3/B4 suitable for my car? Approvals & Specifications: API SM/CF ACEA A3/B4 VW 501 01 / 505 00 MB-Approval 229.1 For more information on our impressive range of car care products and more, please contact us (011) 789-4411 | | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Google+ | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest   Source:

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  • Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System

    Enquire now about the new Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System available on order through Randburg Midas. The Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System is the flagship of the Akrapovic exhaust line. Developed and tested by Akrapovic’s top factory teams by riders at the pinnacle of racing, it is simply the finest performance exhaust system available. Each Akropovic exhaust is dedicated to maximizing the performance of an engine, while reducing overall weight, to optimize the handling of your motorcycle. The key feature of the Akrapovic EVO Exhaust System is the full titanium header and mid-pipes. This saves the maximum amount of weight possible compared to an OEM exhaust or even a stainless steel exhaust system. It’s not just about peak power – Akrapovic exhaust systems deliver increased performance throughout the entire RPM range. Increased power and torque result in a much smoother ride. In addition to the extra performance and weight-saving improvements, the Evolution Line also has the unmistakable Akrapovic sound, which adds to the desirability of both the exhaust and the machine. Every component of an Akrapovic exhaust is carefully designed, constructed and optimized for your motorcycle by a highly skilled team of designers, engineers and architects to combine a technical solution with an attractive, modern and state-of-the-art exhaust. The same design and attention to detail can be found on the Akrapovic Racing Exhaust Systems, with the major difference being that the Racing Systems feature full stainless steel headers and mid-pipes instead of titanium. Features: Full titanium headers and mid-pipes 30-40% lighter than a stainless steel exhaust system No fuel remapping required A combination of beautiful machine and hand welds Patented hexagonal muffler Lightweight, compact and high-temperature-resistant carbon fiber muffler clamp CNC machined muffler inlet cap Optimized to maximize lean angle All carbon fiber parts are produced in-house Air-tight quality controlled production means your exhaust will be perfect High-quality, silicon-shielded stainless steel exhaust springs For more information on our impressive range of car care products and more, please contact us (011) 789-4411 | | 191 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Google+ | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest Please note, availability is dependent on supplier   Source:

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