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  • Signs and Symptoms of a Clogged Fuel Filter

    Learn all about the signs and symptoms of a Clogged Fuel Filter #MidasServiceParts Always replace clogged and dirty parts as they can cause costly damage to other parts. Come and get all your replacement fuel filters from Randburg Midas. A fuel filter is necessary to prevent dirt and other debris from clogging a vehicle’s fuel delivery system, a condition that severely disrupts engine performance. Fuel filters can themselves become clogged, and when that happens, engine power and performance are negatively affected. No-Start Condition If a fuel filter is totally blocked or clogged to the point of blocking fuel flow to a vehicle’s engine, the vehicle will not start. Fuel combined with air is what is ignited inside a vehicle’s engine to get it started. Hard-Start Condition A partially blocked or clogged fuel filter will often result in a vehicle that is hard to start. Adequate fuel flow to a vehicle’s engine is needed to produce engine starting. A reduced or restricted fuel flow to a vehicle’s engine will hinder normal starting. Frequent Engine Stalling For a vehicle’s engine to run efficiently and adequately, a constant flow of fuel needs to reach the engine. Any disruption of this fuel flow, which is what happens when a fuel filter is clogged, can cause an engine to frequently stall. Engine Hesitation Engine hesitation is a common symptom of a clogged fuel filter. By causing an abnormal fuel flow to a vehicle’s engine, a condition that results in abnormal engine combustion and reduced engine power, a clogged fuel filter can cause an engine to hesitate or stumble during acceleration. Erratic Engine Performance A clogged fuel filter often results in erratic engine performance by causing an abnormal or alternating pattern of fuel flow into a vehicle’s engine. Under heavy acceleration or at high engine speeds, fuel pressure may be sufficient to allow adequate fuel flow past a partially clogged filter, which results inadequate engine performance. When engine speed is reduced, fuel flow may be restricted to the point of causing reduced engine power and performance. Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Randburg Midas and tag #RandburgMidas Facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Source: www.ehow.com

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  • South African Snacks

    South African snacks are something we have all grown up with. To foreigners, I am sure some of them must seem very strange #NutsandBolts4Breakfast South African cuisine, like South Africanisms, reflects the cultural diversity of the “rainbow nation.” From traditional African food to cuisine passed down from Indonesian and Malaysian slaves, South African food is a cacophony of tastes and textures. Make sure you have a South African beer at hand when trying any one of these dishes — we recommend a Castle Lager. Boerewors South Africans take pride in informing their foreign guests that the delicious piece of sausage they have just enjoyed was snake meat. This ends up being quite believable to the unsuspecting foreigner because boerewors, especially when it is bought with its meat coiling around itself and the thickness of the sausage appearing to be the thickness of a snake itself, does indeed appear to be a dead snake. Boerewors, though, is a popular piece of meat, made up of minced beef and a uniquely South African blend of spices. It is enjoyed best on a braai (barbecue). Biltong This is the snack to enjoy while watching South Africa’s Bafana Bafana wishing the French national team a fond “au revoir.” Similar in many respects to beef jerky, biltong is a tough, slightly salty meat that comes in small, snack-size pieces. It’ll have you craving more — and for another swig of that Castle Lager. Pap What could be described as a staple among uniquely South African foods, pap is a polenta-like meal made out of mielie-meal – a little bit like corn flour. Wholesome and filling, pap is the definitive accompaniment to a South African meal. Plus, it makes you strong, boys and girls. Chakalaka Pap is not that nca (meaning “nice”) by itself. But chakalaka adds that extra nca flavor, giving your pap vitality and life. Chakalaka is a spicy vegetable relish that is said to originate from some fiery Joburg mamas. Never eat it alone. Ever. Babotie Made with minced meat and baked with an egg topping, this uniquely South African food originates from South Africa’s Cape Malay community, a community descended from slaves brought in from the Dutch East India Company’s colonies in what is today Indonesia. Slightly spicy, the dish goes well with rice, a dose of fruit chutney, some chopped banana, and a sprinkling of coconut. Bunny chow Another dish that reflects South Africa’s cultural diversity is the famous bunny…

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  • How to Build a Survival Shelter

    Learn how to Build a Survival Shelter. This is an awesome skill to know if you want to impress your friends next time you go camping #MidasOutdoors Sleeping outside in a primitive survival shelter with no tent and no sleeping bag?! In the rain? Are you crazy? This idea may indeed seem crazy and a bit daunting to many of us. However, with a couple of hours, proper materials and the right mindset, constructing and sleeping in a primitive survival shelter can be a life-changing experience. Although there are many types of group and individual primitive survival shelters, in this article we are focusing on the debris hut. These structures are fairly easy to construct and can be a warm, dry place to spend the night. First of all, location is key. Aside from the normal criteria which includes avoiding low spots, steering clear of standing dead trees, etc….proximity to materials can save a lot of time and energy. Take the time to find a spot that feels right. For construction, the first thing you’ll need to build a survival shelter is a strong ridegepole that is at least a little taller than you are with your arm stretched above your head. You’ll also need something for one end of the ridgepole to securely rest on—a stump, boulder, fork of a tree, some kind of prop. The other end rests on the ground. At the high end, the ridgepole should be at about hip height. Once your ridgepole is in place, you’ll need ribbing. Lean the ribs against the ridgepole fairly close together leaving a door at the high end. Once ribs are in place, crawl inside feet first checking to see that you have a little room to move, but that it is still snug and cozy. If your survival shelter is too big, you will have trouble staying warm. Imagine you are making a sleeping bag out of natural materials! Next, add a layer of lattice, something to act as a net to hold debris in place when it is piled on next. Brush and twiggy branches may work well. The debris that you have available can help determine how small the spaces in your lattice can be. The structure is now in place and it is time for the essential component of insulation. Of all the things you’ll learn about how to build a survival shelter, not having enough insulation…

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  • South Africa’s National Drifting Series

    South Africa’s National Drifting Series, this is where the big boys play with the ‘sideways craze’ #SmokeBrake The new SupaDrift Series is going to be a sideways affair! This will be a series showcasing the Best of the best Drifters from around the country demonstrating their skills of keeping a car sideways and burning rubber. The more smoke, the better! The rising stars of the worlds fastest growing motorsport will be competing for their chance to shine in the SupaDrift Series. XS Promotions (XSP), the leader in SA action (extreme) sports and lifestyle marketing has created the SupaDrift Series for the SA crowd and current drift fans. “Our ambitions are to conceptualise motorsports events and introduce it to patrons and the unconverted by making it fun, exciting and real-life live entertainment. A fan can expect an experience where the noise factor and tyre smoking abilities of a drifter and his machine can be transferred to the onlookers passions and thrill!’ Its gonna be a wild ride! For more information: Website Facebook

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  • Dezzi Raceway Competition

    Enter the Dezzi Raceway Competition exclusively offered to all Randburg Midas followers #Roadtripping There are four tickets up for grabs to this weekend’s SupaDrift! All you have to do to stand a chance of winning is follow the three simple steps below: 1. ‘Like’ the Dezzi Raceway Facebook page (this is so easy, just click the ‘Like’ button on the page) 2. Tag the person you would like to take with in the comments below 3. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter and tag #DezziRaceway Winner will be announced on Friday @ 1pm

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