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  • LighterBro

    Take your lighter to the next level with this awesome LighterBro #MidasManCave LighterBro is the fire-breathing multi-tool, manufactured using 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel that has been highly polished to a mirror finish. The “snap action” tools of knife, screwdriver and scissors are spring loaded for fast action. The bottle opener is integrated into the bottom of the multi-tool lighter sleeve for instant use. Push the lighter past bottle opener stop for a more compact profile when carried. LighterBro logo is laser engraved for maximum durability. Includes an integrated key ring allowing you to tether your LighterBro so it never gets lost or stolen. Equip yourself with LighterBro Today available form Import It All Save Money and Time: Never loose your lighter with personalization and the lanyard leash. Spark a conversation when asked for a light. You got a Lighter Bro? Save room in your pockets by combining your lighter and multitool. Save time digging around for a bottle opener when you need it Trim that thread before your shirt comes unwound. Never have to live with loose glasses with the convenience the glass screwdriver in your pocket Easily open all of those boxes and packages with the razor sharp knife. Makes a great gift for the holidays Purchase this item from by clicking here.

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  • Battle of the bulbs: Xenon vs Halogen

    We take an expert look at the age old battle of the bulbs: Xenon vs Halogen #MidasPower For all your vehicle light/ globe needs, come past Randburg Midas. We stock both Halogen and Xenon Xenon lights look fantastic and offer improved visibility, but they typically involve additional cost. Conversely, Halogen bulbs are cheap and reliable, but they leave room for improvement in lighting quality. To help shed some light on the real-world benefits of xenon lighting, and what the future of vehicular illumination might have in store, our Justin Pritchard had an enlightening conversation with Mercedes-Benz’s David Sherrard about the differences in two types of automotive lighting. J.P.: Why do some vehicles have xenon lighting as an option? Is something wrong with regular halogen? D.S.: ‘Bi-Xenon’ headlamps, which refer to xenon lamps that function in both the low and high-beam positions, are more costly to produce than halogen headlamps. Regular halogen headlamps work very well– but they don’t provide the same quality of illumination offered by bi-xenon headlamps. J.P.: Most test-drives in the shopping process aren’t carried out at night. What are the key differences shoppers can expect if they opt for xenon lighting? D.S.: The key benefits to purchasing bi-xenon headlamps versus halogen headlamps include outstanding brightness compared to conventional headlamps, longer service life, significantly improved lighting range in high-beam mode, and clearer and broader illumination of the edges of the road in low-beam mode. Also, the headlight cleaning system provided with bi-xenon lighting on our vehicles ensures that the headlamps remain clean at all times. J.P.: Functionally speaking, standard halogen light bulbs are pretty straightforward. How do xenon headlamps work? D.S.: The light source in a bi-xenon headlamp is a ‘gas-discharge’ lamp, in which an arc is generated within a quartz cylinder that contains a mixture of gasses. A single gas-discharge lamp is used for both high and low beam settings. In the high-beam setting, the entire beam is used, and when switching to a low-beam setting, a shutter is inserted between the lamp and the lens, blocking out the portion of the beam directed into the distance to prevent dazzling oncoming vehicles. J.P.: Who should most strongly consider opting for a xenon lighting system? D.S.: Bi-Xenon lighting provides benefits to all customers. In the absence of other forms of light, the benefits of bi-xenon technology become abundantly clear– so customers that drive long distances on rural, typically poorly-lit roads will definitely see clear benefits from xenon headlamps. J.P.: What’s the…

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  • Engine Bay Cleaning

    Next time you are at your car, have a look under the hood and decide if your car needs an Engine bay cleaning #Carwash We stock a massive range of car care products. Pop past Randburg Midas and pick up all of the products you will need. The engine bay of a car is very often overlooked when it comes to cleaning as it may be considered a ‘non-essential’ and the fact that the vast majority of the time nobody can see under the bonnet or hood means that often little attention is paid to it compared with other areas. Cleaning your engine bay and keeping it clean should be considered though, for a number of important reasons. Your car’s engine bay contains a number of components that can become very dirty, very quickly due to the location of these parts and the nature of the things they do. Keeping your engine bay clean ensures that excess grease, oil and dirt is unable to build up and accumulate in and around important or sensitive parts. Components critical to the operation of your car will perform better and be more reliable if kept clean and maintained. Like washing your car, cleaning the engine bay helps you to ‘get to know it’ and that means that you can catch any potential problems earlier on before they have the chance to develop into something more serious. For example whilst cleaning your engine bay you will become aware of any loose plugs or connections, corroded contacts, worn or perished piping or fluid/oil leaks. All of these things can potentially lead to more serious and costly problems later on in your cars life if neglected and allowed to develop. There is also the important factor of resale value. Keeping your engine bay clean will almost certainly help with the resale value of your car and will be viewed by potential purchasers in good light, especially if other similar cars that have been viewed had dirty and neglected looking engine bays. A clean engine bay suggests that the rest of the vehicle has also been properly maintained and treated with care during its lifetime. Once your engine bay has had a thorough clean it should not need properly cleaning again for a good period of time. When regularly washing your vehicle you should dry off any excess water from the shuts and similar areas under the…

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  • Wynn’s Cleen Green

    Wynn’s Cleen Green is the perfect product to remove any touch grit or dirt #MidasLiquids Randburg Midas stock Wynn’s products along with many others. We have a product to meet your every need. Wynn’s Cleen Green – This highly concentrated cleaning agent is suitable for most applications. It penetrates and lifts oil and grease stains.  WYNN’S CLEEN GREEN – is biodegradable and contains no amonia.  Dilute as directed for specific applications use. Source: www.wynns.co.za

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  • 10 Circular Saw tips and tricks

    A circular saw is no toy, but after reading these 10 circular saw tips and tricks, you would be more confident is using one #Powertool For all your tool needs to and see us at Randburg Midas. Most novice do-it-yourselfers feel perfectly comfortable using an electric drill or jigsaw, but nearly all of them are hesitant to pick up a portable circular saw. And that’s not surprising when you consider that drills and jigsaws are relatively safe, quiet and easy to control. A portable circular saw, on the other hand, is a powerful, noisy, sawdust-spewing brute that can inflict serious injury if it’s used improperly—it’s on our list of the 5 Most Dangerous Tools. However, to improve your DIY skills and advance the size and scope of your weekend projects, it’s important to learn to cut with a circular saw. Here are 10 tips to help you cut safely and more confidently. Reminder: Wear eye protection when using any power tool. Inspect the Saw Before each use, run a quick safety check on the saw. Be sure the lower blade guard retracts smoothly and snaps back when released. Check the blade for chipped or broken teeth; replace the blade if you find any damage. On corded saws, inspect the power cord for cracks. If using a cordless saw, make sure the battery is fully charged. Remember to unplug the cord or remove the battery before loosening, tightening, or changing the blade. Check the Blade The speed and quality of the cut depends on the condition of the saw blade. Never cut with a dull, rusty, or damaged blade. I recommend using a thin-kerf carbide-tipped combination blade, which can be used for crosscuts and rip cuts in solid wood and plywood. With the saw unplugged or the battery removed, adjust the saw’s depth of cut so the blade extends no more than 1/4 in. past the board’s edge. Circular saws aren’t just woodcutting tools. When fitted with the proper blade, the saw can also saw through various types of metal, and through masonry such as brick, stone and concrete. Find the Proper Saw Position There’s no hard-and-fast rule regarding which direction to make the cut, but whenever possible position the saw with its motor facing toward the larger section of board that isn’t falling away when cut. That way, the saw’s base plate, or shoe, will be fully supported throughout the cut…

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